CBB SPOILER: Sam Thompson and Amelia-Lily call it quits tonight

And they'd barely even started :'(


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So, ICYMI, in last night’s Celebrity Big Brother, Sam Thompson started to freak out about how much Amelia-Lily liked him, after she told him she was “besotted” and gushed about how she couldn’t wait for him to meet her parents.

Yup, it was seriously uncomfortable viewing, and people were NOT happy with Sam for stringing the X Factor babe along. Read more about that here.

However some viewers will be happy to hear that tonight it looks like Samilia might be over for good, after the old housemates storm the house as part of a task, and warn Amelia that Sam’s feelings aren’t genuine.

Evicted hosuemate Brandi Glanville (whose rumoured to be dating fellow evictee Jordan Davies) doesn’t pull any punches when speaking to Amelia about her romance with Sam in tonight’s episode, saying: “I don’t want you to be made out to look desperate because youre not.”

Processing the news, Amelia then replies: "He's told me there are things he needs to sort out when he gets out, which is fine, but if he's saying he's not feeling it or something along those lines then, okay, cut off.

"Wow, what a prick,"


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Clearly fired up by what she’s just heard, Amelia then goes directly to sam for some answers.

"Sam, what have you said?" she asks. "Apparently I've been made out to be a mug now. Why are you taking the piss out of me?"

While Sam denies he’s said anything bad, Amelia is having none of it, as she argues back: "Even Jordan has said that it doesn't look good and I look like a t**.

"I look desperate, apparently. I've been told you're saying things in the diary room about me.

"I'm not desperate or anything like that, I just think you're a really nice guy and, like I said today, you've made my experience.

"Why am I getting told by everyone in here tonight that I'm the one who is all for you? I feel like a t** now."

Sam replies: "Amelia, you're the last person I would take the piss out of, when you watch this back you'll see that.

"I'm saying lovely things in the diary room about you. My problem is with myself.”

Begging for forgiveness, he adds: "Amelia, you have to understand, I've done nothing but say nice things about you and I have also said I'm not sure I'm ready for a relationship and I've told you that."

Uh oh. It looks like CBB’s resident posh boy has really landed himself in hot water!

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