Did CBB’s Stephen Bear fake winning the lottery?

That is SO Bear

Stephen Bear

by Polly Foreman |
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Ever since Stephen Bear bounded (literally) into the Celebrity Big Brother house, we've been in a constant state of alarm / confusion / dying of laughter.

Stephen Bear
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We get that he's a bit of a bloody nightmare, quite possibly the world's worst person to share a bedroom with, kinda unpleasant to be around etc etc – but you can't deny he's bloody good tele.

heat can't quite decide if we think he's the best or the worst person in the world – it changes every day.

The latest bit of Bear related confusion thrust upon is allegations that he once faked winning the lottery.

stephen bear

Literally, we wouldn't be surprised.

According to The Sun, he faked a £2 million lottery win three years ago using a Photoshopped BBC news article with the headline: "Roofing Reality Star Reveals Lottery Win".

Oh, Bear, WHAT RU LYK?

stephen bear

If true, the hoax looks like it was ridiculously elaborate – and we're guessing it would have taken him quite a bit of time to do…

In pictures obtained by the paper, the fake article is available in full, and reads:

“Walthamstow reality star Stephen Bear has won £2m from the Midweek Lotto Draw.

“The roofer plans to fund a lavish lifestyle for family and friends, including a Bentley Continental and a Dubai holiday home.”

Just IMAGINE Bear sitting at home on his own writing all this nonsense, chuckling away.

He even thought to include a quote from himself (for credibility, ofc), which reads: “I’ll be wearing less steel toe caps now and more pointy shoes! I’m going to enjoy having a spend up soon!”

He's actually not a bad news writer – wanna come work for us, Bear?

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