CBB’s Stephen Bear has been keeping a picture of Chloe Khan in his SHOE


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by Polly Foreman |
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Ever since Stephen Bear bounded into the Celebrity Big Brother house a few weeks ago, we've been baffled for a number of reasons. Firstly, why on EARTH did he deem it a good idea to cheat on his girlfriend in front of literally the whole nation. Secondly, why is he so bloody wasteful when it comes to coffee? And thirdly, why do we, despite all this, still kinda weirdly like him?

Now added to our list of things we don't understand about Bear is WHY OH WHY does he keep a picture of Chloe Khan in his shoe?

We would maybe understand in some sort of heart shaped locket (though that would be extremely weird), but HIS SHOE makes no sense at all.

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Also – where did he get this photo?

We can only presume she must have brought in a picture of herself.

After his actual girlfriend of a few weeks ago (before he cheated on her for the whole country to see) Lillie Lexie Gregg entered the house and created quite probably the most excruciating moment in the history of British tele, Bear told Lewis Bloor that he could imagine a future with Chloe.

Which would explain the shoe thing.

We must admit we're kinda relieved Bear still seems to be into her, particularly as she's admitted she loves him, got his name inked on her face, and got cosy with his actual DAD since being evicted from the house.

Speaking about the Lilllie dramaz on BBOTS, Chloe said: "I really thought Bear was going to cry his eyes out when Lillie walked in because anyone that knows him, knows that he's actually a really sweet and sensitive person. I thought he was going to crack but he didn't."

Ummm… He definitely did cry, Chloe.

We really cannot WAIT to see how this pans out.

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