CBB’s Chloe Jasmine gets REALLY annoyed at fiancé Stevi Ritchie’s hot tub antics

“Imagine how you’d feel if I did that?”

by Emmeline Saunders |

Celebrity Big Brother may end up claiming its first celebrity couple scalp after Chloe Jasmine and fiancé Stevi Ritchie had their first broadcast argument.

The couple, who got engaged earlier this summer, had a brief fight after Stevi sat in the hot tub with Jenna Jameson and Farrah Abraham – both of who are famous for their ‘adult’ films.


Chloe had the best pass-agg lines of all time, as she ducked out of the way so that Stevi – dressed in the tightest, hottest pink pants ever – couldn’t kiss her on the lips.

When he asked if she was angry with him, she replied: “Darling, course I’m not in a mood with you. I’m sure other girls would be a bit weird with you being in a hot tub with two retired porn actresses. I’m not that kind of girl.”

He replied: “Babe, I’ll tell you what it is – I thought it was only going to be Austin [Armacost] and James [Hill]. Honestly, I’ve done absolutely nothing.”

The couple had a bit of a stand-off, until Chloe pointed out: “If I was in that situation what would you be like with me?”

“OK, yeah, I’d be a bit sad,” he admitted.

Then Chloe dropped THIS bombshell.

“You know, people are asking me why I’m with you – Natasha [Hamilton] asked what I was doing with you. But it’s fine, I’m fine.”

Ouch. The pair have been together since they both got chucked off The X Factor last year, but confessed their joint CBB stint “could make or break us”.

Um… why go in, then?

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