Celebrity Big Brother’s Ken Morley REFUSES to apologise for “sexist” remarks during explosive first TV appearance since exit

The actor was removed from the house this week


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Ken Morley – by now that’s a name you must recognise even if you don’t own a television and live under a rock.

Well, just in case that is you, Kenny boy was a housemate on the current series of Celebrity Big Brother but he was given the boot this week for his use of “unacceptable and offensive” language.

The former Coronation Street actor, 71, upset his fellow housemates by using the word “n***o” when referring to black people and over his “sexist” comments towards his female co-stars, which included when he walked into the bathroom and announced: “There’s always one place you can get a good view of a really good arse.”

Today, Ken made his first television appearance since being removed from Celebrity Big Brother but REFUSED to apologise to his housemates for his offensive remarks.


The actor, who admits he doesn’t understand why he’s caused so much offence, was pushed to say he’s sorry by Coleen Nolan, Janet Street-Porter, Ruth Langsford and Jamelia on ITV’s Loose Women.

When pressed for an apology, he didn’t refer to his former housemates, but said: “I’m aware of the fact I’ve upset a lot of people and I am sorry.”

Referring to comments he made to R&B singer Alexander O’Neal which could have been deemed as racist, Ken added: “Alexander and I were having discussions. We were great friends.”

Pushing for a more firm apology, Janet replied: “Will you do a real apology?”

Again, refusing to say sorry to his housemates, he said: “I apologise unreservedly to everyone who watched that programme.

“It was banter in an odd situation, but I understand if I have upset people – not just from this country but in Africa and the Caribbean.”

He added: “I am not a racist – I have taught black children in London and everywhere.”

But when the Loose Women panel moved on to quizzing Ken about his remarks towards the female housemates, he really put his big foot in it once again.

Refusing to take responsibility, he said the programme is “edited” in a certain way and that some of the girls in the house work in “various aspects of the entertainment industry... and they dress in a provocative way”. Really, Ken? REALLY?

The actor added: “They insisted on wearing the most daring clothes they could get away with.”

Janet spat back: “You’ve tried to justify it by saying they work in a business where they take their clothes off.

“Just because someone is a glamorous model, it doesn’t mean you can talk about them like they’re a piece of meat.”

When asked what his wife Sue thought of his behaviour, Ken replied: “The thing is, she understands some of the stuff that is about to come out and that it’s very nasty...

“You’ll change your minds when you see the rest of it if you see it.”

Will we Ken, though? Will we?

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