Celebrity Big Brother’s Farrah Abraham ‘pressing charges’ against Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace after CBBBOTS brawl

The US reality star and the former Big Brother housemate didn't see eye-to-eye

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Farrah Abraham is pressing charges against Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace after the pair became involved in a brawl which saw Celebrity Big Brother’s Big On The Side taken off the air last week.

Teen Mom star Farrah and former Big Brother housemate Aisleyne appeared on the panel of the Celebrity Big Brother spin-off show together and were seen furiously arguing, prompting Farrah to tell Aisleyne: "Hag be quiet, hag be quiet."

The broadcast was stopped and the programme’s eye logo was put on screen when the scuffle broke out.

The show returned once the panellists – Farrah, Aisleyne, ‘Allo ‘Allo! actress Vicki Michelle and Farrah’s fellow CBB housemate Janice Dickinson – were removed and it has been alleged Aisleyne threw a glass and Janice chucked her chair.


Vicki was taken to hospital and checked over by doctors after the incident and has since decided to press charges against Farrah but Farrah has now decided to do the same against Aisleyne.

Farrah said in a statement: “I was assaulted twice by Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace and Janice Dickinson.

“After speaking with the police and my lawyer, I have pressed charges against Aisleyne and am considering issuing a lawsuit against Janice.”

With regards to reports Aisleyne threw a champagne glass at Farrah, she added: “I can confirm that Aisleyne did assault me and it is now in the hands of the police.”

Aisleyne insists Farrah's claims she was assaulted twice are false, but Farrah hit back: “Perhaps she is uneducated and doesn’t understand the definition of assault.”

She refused to discuss the incident with Aisleyne further as it is currently being looked at by police but believes Aisleyne’s actions were “pre-mediated” as she has previously posted some unfavourable tweets about Farrah.

However, Farrah does admit she threw a glass that evening, claiming she launched it at a wall in a bid to distract Aisleyne and make her “back-off”, but Vicki was caught in the crossfire and she has since taken action against Farrah as a result.

Farrah said: “In regards to Vicki pressing charges against me, I can confirm I was neither arrested nor convicted of anything.

“I was already liaising with the police in regards to everything which happened at BBBOTS because my manager was the first party to call the police that night.

“To clear my name, of my own free will, I explained to the police what really happened with Vicki. They looked over the BBBOTS video footage in detail and said no crime had been committed and therefore no charges were made against me.”

American star Farrah has hit out at claims Vicki could have been blinded and she suffered whiplash and concussion, insisting the glass did not go anywhere near her eyes and face, and it only “tapped the back of her head”.

Farrah claims Aisleyne, Vicki and Janice were happy to continue filming the show but Farrah’s management insisted that shouldn’t happen as it was “distasteful”.

She is also considering taking legal action against model Janice, who threw a chair during the incident.

Farrah said: “After I threw the champagne glasses to try to make Aisleyne back-off I turned round and walked away to leave the set. I didn’t want to be attacked again or things to escalate, I chose to remove myself from the hostile situation.

“As I walked away though, Janice hurled a chair aggressively towards me with great force. I was deeply shocked by her aggressive behaviour, especially seeing as she is a more mature lady.”

Janice claimed she threw the chair in a bid to protect Vicki in the fight but Farrah says this isn’t true as she was already walking off set and had her back turned.

Farrah has since been pictured in a wheelchair at a London hospital, has shared a picture of a bruise on her back online and says she has provided her lawyer and police with a medical report.

She concluded: “I’m devastated things turned so sour as a result of Aisleyne’s negative attack on me and that she has shown no remorse for her actions.

“As for Janice’s assault on me, I’m deeply upset by it and had to cancel work as a result of my injuries and emotional distress, which is a great shame.”

Meanwhile, Farrah has made a quick recovery from her injuries and was spotted smiling with fans at a meet and greet at adult store Simply Pleasure in London on Saturday.

Sharing a picture with a fan at the event on Twitter, she retweeted a supportive message, which read: “Thank you for today @F1abraham you looked amazing and were so lovely xx.”

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