Celebrity Big Brother’s Stevi Ritchie upsets fiancée Chloe-Jasmine with group conversation about his PENIS


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We’ve found out a lot of things about Stevi Ritchie since he entered the Celebrity Big Brother house with fiancée Chloe-Jasmine Whichello – he likes to wander around the house in a bright green mankini and a long blonde wig, and he’s a bit of a wet blanket when he’s with Chloe.

But, in tonight’s episode of the Channel 5 reality show, we’re set to find out a lot more about the former X Factor contestant than we really need to.

Whilst taking part in a task, fellow housemates James Hill and Jenna Jameson are deep in conversation about penis sizes. Totally normal.


Former Apprentice contestant James asks porn star Jenna what she thinks is small in the willy department, to which she says 4 inches, average is 6 to 8, and above is brilliant.

However, this bizarrely leads to Stevi and Chloe falling out after he thinks he spots her laughing and looking at him after Jenna’s comments.

He exclaims: “Mine’s not 4 [inches],” before coming out with this corker of a ‘joke’: “I might have 4 inches, but it’s like going through the Dartford Tunnel going through you.” Wow, just wow, Stevi...

An unimpressed Chloe hits back: “That is really disrespectful. I was laughing because of the conversation topic, and that was you just being rude.”

But this doesn’t deter Stevi who risks upsetting Chloe further by revealing more about their bedroom antics.

He continued: “I tried one of those glow-in-the-dark condoms. You should have seen her face light up.”

Oh dear...

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