Division In Camp: I’m A Celebrity

Camp divided into royals and subjects

The Camp Is Divided

by Chelsea Hughes |
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The Camp Is Divided
The Camp Is Divided ©REX Features

The camp up until tonight had been a breeze for most of the celebrities, with exception to the odd spat between Danny and Moaning Myrtle aka Martin.

The campmates hadn’t stopped reminding us how they’re such a happy little family, and that nothing could tear them apart. Cor’ snore-off.

That is until the winter came in tonight’s episode in the form of Claim of Thrones. Clever, we know.

This year’s immunity challenge will be played out over several days, with the first challenge Vicious Circle starting tonight. The camp was to be split into two groups and the two winners of each group would gain royalty, and more importantly immunity. The losing campmates would become royal subjects, surviving on basic rations and face the public vote.

The sweet smell of immunity infected the camp like one of Wayne’s trumps, and it brought out the fighting spirit that we’ve been waiting for since this series flammin’ started.

Sam said: ‘I’m going to be blunt. I’m doing this solely for immunity because my following is tiny.’

Sam Gets Competitive
Sam Gets Competitive ©REX Features

Scarlett said: ‘I’m going to give it my all because I want that immunity.’

Wayne said: ‘If it’s anything like that spa I want to win and that’s that’

Joel showed a serious competitive streak saying ‘I just want to beat Adam because I don’t want him to be smug again’, you better watch yo’ back Adz.

Joel Fighting
Joel Shows Fighting Spirit ©REX Features

Unfortunately to fit-lord Joel, Adam had victory this time. Along with Moaning Myrtle (sorry) Martin, Sam, and Wayne.

Maybe next Time Joel-babes.

Adam Wins
Adam Gets Royal Status ©REX Features
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