I’m A Celebrity: Sam Had A Fatima Cockroach Moment Tonight

Tonight Poor’ol Sam Quek suffered a major ‘u ok hun?’ moment very similar to the incident with Fatima Whitbread in 2011


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Tonight's trial was Wicked Windmill, Larry volunteered Sam (good’ol Lazza) and the other campmates drew straws to decide who was going to be her partner. Fitlord, comedian, and webcam expert Joel Dommett was the chosen one.

Before the trial began eight numbered stars and forty blank ones were dropped into the capsule. Joel and Sam were strapped to the sails of the Wicked Windmill.

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When the trial began they would have to answer a series of Aussie related questions, and if answered correctly they could find the star with the relevant number on it, and keep it in their bag as a meal for camp.

They had eight stars to be won in eight minutes – jeez toughest trial yet.

Tonight Poor’ol Sam Quek suffered a major ‘u ok hun?’ moment very similar to the incident with Fatima Whitbread in 2011.

I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here 2011 contestant Fatima Whitbread experienced one of the most groundbreaking nasal cavity massages we’ve ever seen. Heck, it was outstandingly horrific and scarred most of us for life. She had her head locked into a fish bowl while creepy crawlies were poured in through the top. One adventurous little critter thought it would make itself cosy inside Fatima’s sinuses. Hero, medic and bug-extraordinaire Bob had to carefully remove the roach, leaving Fatima traumatised.

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With five years to get over that tragic trial, tonight was ding ding round two in human vs roach. In tonight’s trial we discovered that cockroaches aren’t fussy when it comes to passageways. Unfortunately for Sam, it was the ear.

On two occasions tonight the Wicked Windmill trial had to stop for medic Bob to come and remove a cockroach from Sam’s ear.

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At one point Sam cried: “I’ve got one in my ear, seriously I can’t hear.”

Joel and Sam finished the trial with a measly 3 meals for camp, which is the poorest performance so far.

The roach ear massage was hardly worth it eh’ Sam?

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