Charlotte Crosby goes IN on CBB’s Saira Khan: ‘I hope she never works again’

Little harsh?

Saira khan

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At this point, it feels like each episode of Celebrity Big Brother is more controversial than the last. This series is so bloody crazy that it's subject to an actual campaign trying to actually ban it.

The warning before last night's episode said it contained "risqué sexual activity that may offend some viewers." So naturally we were EXCITED.

But before it got to that point (we couldn't work out what was risqué – showering together? Pole dancing? Yeah… SO risqué, Big Brother…), Saira was being just a lil bit rude about Chloe Khan.

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After loudly bitching about her while she was in the room, Saira then donned a black bra stuffed with tissue (how old are you again, Saira?) and proceeded to mock Chloe's earlier "massage" of Bear. Basically, she bopped up and down on top of a delighted looking Heavy D to a semi-amused audience sat in the smoking area.

Saira khan
Saira khan

Many viewers took to Twitter to accuse the Loose Women panellist of "bullying" Chloe. One tweeted: "Disgusted with Saira's behaviour towards chloe, big bro rightly told lewis humiliating others is bullying but it's ok for her to do? #CBB," and another: "Awww I actually think Chloe's not that bad really she's just having an innocent flirt… Saira is just pure bullying her it's disgusting."

chloe khan

But none were quite as furious as our gal Charlotte Crosby, who completely went IN on Saira (and literally did not hold back in any way at all).

She said: "I honestly hope SAIRA doesn't work again, for her bullying rank disrespectful behaviour. I'd be embarrassed to be one of your children."

Little harsh, Char?

Bear responded to having the piss ripped out of him by crying: "IMITATION IS THE BEST FORM OF FLATTERY" (lol), but Chloe did get upset – so it was pretty uncomfortable to watch.

CBB continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.

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