Charlotte Crosby WETS HERSELF as she meets former beau Gary Beadle on Ex On The Beach



by Owen Tonks |

Charlotte Crosby makes us do belly LOLs because she is FUNNY so we’re pretty excited about her FINALLY make her Ex On The Beach debut tonight.

After three episodes of the new series, the Geordie Shore star is set to take to our screens on the MTV show but, unlike her co-stars, she doesn’t exactly make the most glamorous and sexy entrance – because SHE WETS HERSELF.

Check this out!

We shouldn’t really be surprised since she’s always admitting to peeing all over the Geordie Shore house and even previously did a little piddle in the bed when she was getting it on with her Ex On The Beach, er, ex Gary Beadle on her other reality show.

After emerging from the sea to meet the rest of the cast, she tells the cameras: “I realised, I really need a wee.”


Rather than wear a sexy swimsuit, Charlotte attempted to make her castmates laugh by donning a wetsuit and snorkel but things went wrong when she lost control of her bladder. Nice.

She explained: “I forgot I had my scuba suit on. It’s always a little bit awkward when you’re meeting people for the first time and you stink of wee.” Well, you’re right there, Char.

Ex Gary wasn’t surprised at all, saying: “That is just typical.”

Oh dear...

  • Ex On the Beach* continues tonight at 10pm on MTV.

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