Did Cheryl Fernandez-Versini have a nip slip on Sunday’s X Factor?

The internet sure thinks she did. Let’s examine the evidence...

by Laurence Mozafari |
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It’s one of the great debates of our time - well, since Sunday at least. And since that time we kinda thought Cheryl might have fallen over. Did Cheryl Fernandez-Versini have a nipple slip on The X Factor on Sunday?

A lot of Twitter are pretty sure that they saw Cheryl Fernandez-Versini's nipple while she performed her new single, I Don't Care. SO Let’s examine the evidence.

Here's what Cheryl was wearing on The X Factor last night:


Yeah, it kinda looks like something else might slip there, but it didn't, OK. IT DIDN'T. False alarm.

Now here's Cheryl swooshing around a bit**.


No nipples there, soz internet.

How about this one?


Nope. OK, maybe the illusive nipple wasn't in one of those three Gifs. Maybe it wasn't there at all. Let's throw it open to the floor.

Here are some people from the internet who think they saw a nipple.

Wishful thinking?

Here’s someone that looked really, really, really hard for a nipple. But didn’t see a nipple.


Here’s someone that is kinda glad she didn’t see Cheryl’s nipple.


Nipple slip AND miming? Ooh, double burn.


This girl was actually there and is pretty sure she didn't see Cheryl's nip.


Chezza herself doesn't seem to think her nipple made an appearance. Based on the fact she didn't tweet: "Ooh soz about nipping out me nip and that, pet".


Even Cheryl's Twitter parody (@CherylKerl) didn't reference a slip.

Yeah, it took us a couple of tries to read this, too

So in conclusion, lots of people think they saw Cheryl's nipple, but most of them probably didn't and if it did make a brief appearance, Cheryl didn't care. And neither should we.


Hang on. Was that it?

If this article hasn't quenched your insatiable thirst for celebrity nipples and lumps, here's 100 of them, in one gallery.

100 celebrity nip slips and bum flashes...


Top 100 boobs, side-boobs, nip-slips and wardrobe malfunctions

Kim Kardashi-boob1 of 100

Kim Kardashi-boob

To celebrate Kim Kardashian's amazing show of side-boob we thought we'd have a look through some of the (fairly) recent celebrity flashers. Some are accidental, some not so accidental, but all are pretty LOL.BEWARE! The following gallery contains nipples. Famous nipples. You have been warned...

Lindsay Lohan: Actual boobage2 of 100

Lindsay Lohan: Actual boobage

Lindsay Lohan has some fairly sizable funbags so it always surprises us when we see the actress sans bra on the red carpet. Here Lohan flashed the wiorld not just a side-boob but she went the whole hog and showed nipple too.Can we just point out how pale Linds' boob is? Missed that bit with the fake tan, did we?

Rihanna: Stealth flasher3 of 100

Rihanna: Stealth flasher

Who needs to show off a bit of side-boob when you can show your under-udders, eh?! Rihanna gave fans a treat when she flashed her lower boob at London's Wireless Festival in Hyde Park in 2013

Emma Watson: Naughty witch!4 of 100

Emma Watson: Naughty witch!

Even the pap who took this pic can't quite believe what they're seeing/snapping. The blurred focus and shaky pic is of Harry Potter star Emma Watson accidentally showing off her nude knicks the London premiere of her film. She must have been chilly-willy!

It's a bit nippy! Elizabeth Hurley5 of 100

It's a bit nippy! Elizabeth Hurley

We doubt traditional Indian outfits should have added nipple thrown in but hey, it's Elizabeth Hurley

Overexposed: Lady Gaga6 of 100

Overexposed: Lady Gaga

We feel as if we've seen Lady Gaga's naughty nipples more than we've seen our own. FACT

Uh-oh, J-Lo!7 of 100

Uh-oh, J-Lo!

Oh dear. You don't expect this sort of malfunction from a swanky Lanvin frock, do you? Unfortunately Jennifer Lopez's nipple saw light and decided to make a run for it

Free publicity: Kelly Brook8 of 100

Free publicity: Kelly Brook

When Kelly Brook rocked up at then-boyfriend Jason Statham's film Snatch wearing a barely-there sparkly pink dress, she got the whole world's attention. Side-boob? Tick. Bum? Tick. Crotch covered in matching pink sparkly fabric? TICK

Phil & Grant on tour: Helen Flanagan9 of 100

Phil & Grant on tour: Helen Flanagan

Helen Flangan's knickers always look like they're having the best time, don't they?

Oh haiii Nicki's nip!10 of 100

Oh haiii Nicki's nip!

Why the heck should Nicki MInaj get to sing on stage and get all of the attention! Her little boob decided enough was enough and popped out fo say: "Hey!"

Strapped in: Ellie Goulding11 of 100

Strapped in: Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding strapped those puppies down for the GQ Awards. But we can still see 'em.

Nude In Chelsea: Lucy Watson12 of 100

Nude In Chelsea: Lucy Watson

Made In Chelsea's Lucy Watson appears to be oblivious to the kicker flashing

Rita Phwoara!13 of 100

Rita Phwoara!

Rita Ora shows us exactly why Calvin Harris was a fan

Braveheart: Gwyneth Paltrow14 of 100

Braveheart: Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow is actually wearing NO underwear with this dress. NOTHING. She's a braver lady than we are...

Tits up: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley15 of 100

Tits up: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

If we looked like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, we'd be going about naked everyday

Fla$ha16 of 100


Why oh why did Ke$ha's mum not tell her to put her pants on before her sausage skin tights?

Sineater17 of 100


All in all, this is probably one of Sinitta's tamest outfits

Wonky bum: Madonna18 of 100

Wonky bum: Madonna

We're not quite sure how Madonna's bum has come to be this wonky, but we salute her for being loud and proud

Lana Del Rey-hey!19 of 100

Lana Del Rey-hey!

Racy lady!

Yawn: Katie Price20 of 100

Yawn: Katie Price

Katie Price, aka Jordan, could be the subject of her very own top 100 nipple slips and knicer flashes gallery. Watch this space...

Nicole Scherz-slipper21 of 100

Nicole Scherz-slipper

Nicole Scherzinger's REALLY keen on establishing herself as a judge on The X Factor...

Freid-erm: Freida Pinto22 of 100

Freid-erm: Freida Pinto

Poor Freida Pinto's suffering from an unfortunate angle here. Those knicks are making a bit for freedom

Getting knicked: Lady Victoria Hervey23 of 100

Getting knicked: Lady Victoria Hervey

Lady Victoria Hervey obviously hasn't heard of an invention called a slip

Breezy: Lauren Pope24 of 100

Breezy: Lauren Pope

All it would take is a gust of wind and Lauren Pope would be in trouble...

A bit pants: Tulisa Contostavlos25 of 100

A bit pants: Tulisa Contostavlos

Looks like Tulisa Contostavlos was about to sing the Thong Song at the X Factor auditions...

A touch of Hollywood: Britney Spears26 of 100

A touch of Hollywood: Britney Spears

Britney Spears brings Hollywood with her wherever she goes...

Diana Knickers27 of 100

Diana Knickers

When will these slebs learn to wear hotpants during a performance?

One day in Paris28 of 100

One day in Paris

Paris Hilton gives us a glimpse of her next flick

Lady in laceL Jaime Winstone29 of 100

Lady in laceL Jaime Winstone

We know Jaime Winstone's probably trying to make some kind of fashion statement but we don't think it's working out too well. All we can focus on is the black bra and pants

We're gonna lift it, lift it higher: Pixie Geldof30 of 100

We're gonna lift it, lift it higher: Pixie Geldof

Pixie Geldof's purple lacy maxi is riding up a little too high. She doesn't seem to mind though

Sacked: Lauren Conrad31 of 100

Sacked: Lauren Conrad

A shapeless see-through sack. What a great idea for the red carpet, Lauren Conrad

Peep show: Mutya Buena32 of 100

Peep show: Mutya Buena

Mutya Buena considers the best way to get up without doing a full-on reveal...

Voila! Courtney Stodden33 of 100

Voila! Courtney Stodden

Courtney stodden's got nothing to hide

Chilly Allen34 of 100

Chilly Allen

Lily Allen's see-through panelled gown unfortunately has the panel in precisely the wrong place...

What a load of pleather: Jodie Marsh35 of 100

What a load of pleather: Jodie Marsh

Is that a pleather thing we spy under there, Jodie Marsh? That whole outfit (or lack of) looks incredibly sweaty...

Strictly naked: Naomi Campbell36 of 100

Strictly naked: Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell's incredible body under this Strictly-esque get-up actually has us a little bit (or a massive bit) jealous

Aisleyne Horgan-Wally37 of 100

Aisleyne Horgan-Wally

Ex Big Brother contestant Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace has made great use of her mum's old net curtains

Boob atta-xi: Alicia Douvall38 of 100

Boob atta-xi: Alicia Douvall

Alicia Douvall confirms there's no elegant way of getting out of a taxi

There's not really any kind of excuse for Teri Harcher's frilly see-through curtain now is there?39 of 100

There's not really any kind of excuse for Teri Harcher's frilly see-through curtain now is there?

Teri Flasher

Wiggle it, just a little bit: Kimberley Walsh40 of 100

Wiggle it, just a little bit: Kimberley Walsh

Kimberley Walsh (along with 80% of Girls Aloud) is another lady guilty of flashing her pants

Big Brothers: Makosi Musambasi41 of 100

Big Brothers: Makosi Musambasi

Remember Big Brother's Makosi Musambasi? You will now...

Just keep smiling: Sophie Ellis-Bextor42 of 100

Just keep smiling: Sophie Ellis-Bextor

And nobody will notice your panties are on show, Sophie Ellis-Bextor. Apart from us. Because we notice EVERYTHING

Bright whites: Cat Deeley43 of 100

Bright whites: Cat Deeley

If only Cat Deeley hadn't used the new Ariel whitening powder we might never have noticed. That's a lie, of course we would

Diaz-arrrster: Cameron Diaz44 of 100

Diaz-arrrster: Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz has got tangled up in a rather unfortunate fishnet, but she's still smiling. Good on you, Cam

Jessica Rabb-it45 of 100

Jessica Rabb-it

Pamela Anderson, surely you might aswell be wearing absolutely nothing?

Oh, pants! Konnie Huq46 of 100

Oh, pants! Konnie Huq

Black knickers. A mint green see-through dress. Konnie Huq obviously hasn't been reading the red carpet rules of fashion no-no's...

Can you see that thong?47 of 100

Can you see that thong?

Of course you flippin' well can! Tara Palmer-Tomkinson should have got a tighter maxi skirt

Flashdance48 of 100


At least Beyonce's realising what's happened and is at least attempting to stop it. Which is more than we can say for the flashing culprit...

Plastic fantastic49 of 100

Plastic fantastic

Yeah, Tara Reid. Just pretend everything's fine and your boob is not hanging out. If you're gonna fork out for a boob job, you may as well show it off, right?

X-tina50 of 100


Living up to her namesake, Christina Aguilera works that boot-ay

Ke-knickie51 of 100


Lil' Kim is only one tug away from displaying Big Kim

Charlize Ther-ong52 of 100

Charlize Ther-ong

We bet it was a bloke who asked Charlize to turn round and sign that wall

Knickerla McLean53 of 100

Knickerla McLean

Seriously, when will these slebs learn to cover up when they're climbing out of a cab?

Sags-olutely horrific54 of 100

Sags-olutely horrific

Uh-oh, Pink! should have worn a more supportive bra. And a dress which didn't show it

Kimberley Garner55 of 100

Kimberley Garner

Made In Chelsea's Kimberley Garner shows off her religious ways once more

Strip tease56 of 100

Strip tease

Cate Blanchett took her stripper audition VERY seriously

Spinning around57 of 100

Spinning around

If we didn't know her better, it would appear to us that Kylie Minogue was hitching up her frock

Absolute pants58 of 100

Absolute pants

Michelle Collins has obviously been spending a bit too much time in the Rovers

Spicy59 of 100


Emma Bunton falls prey to the over-performing on-stage bug once more...

Fancy pants60 of 100

Fancy pants

Chloe Sevigny shows off some matching sequinned hotpants to go with her hideous frock

Gillian Ander-thong61 of 100

Gillian Ander-thong

We barely (geddit?) recognise Gillian Anderson in the G-string age

Bridget Kidd?62 of 100

Bridget Kidd?

Jodie Kidd's opted for some high-waisted Bridget Jones knickers. And opted for us all to see them too. Maybe Hugh Grant was at the 2001 Fashion Awards with her?

Nightittie63 of 100


Jennifer Elison's suffering from a classic case of too small nightie

What a tit64 of 100

What a tit

We bet Katie Holmes wishes she was Katie-take-me-Holmes after this display

Taking Liberty65 of 100

Taking Liberty

Liberty Ross remains perky throughout the evening

Windy66 of 100


The Apprentice's Luisa Zissman's suffering a Marilyn moment

Sophie And-tit-ton67 of 100

Sophie And-tit-ton

Celebrity Big Brother star Sophie Anderton cleverly tries to cover up But soz, Soph, you've failed

Les-tits68 of 100


We are very jealous of Les Miserables actress Anne Hathaway's perkiness

Patriotic69 of 100


Red, white and blue for Britain's Got Talent judge Alesha Dixon

Dreadfully on show70 of 100

Dreadfully on show

Back in the dreadlock days, Cheryl Cole was still all up for showing her butt!

Very coy indeed71 of 100

Very coy indeed

At least Nadine Coyle's pants are a little bigger than her bandmate's

Smarty pants72 of 100

Smarty pants

Jade Jagger's at least co-ordinated her knickers to her jacket

Thank God I had a Brazilian!73 of 100

"Thank God I had a Brazilian!"

Rafe Spell's wife and ex-Hollyoaks actress Elize du Toit thanks her lucky stars (well, waxer)

Cynthia Nipson74 of 100

Cynthia Nipson

Sex and the City's Cynthia Nixon's tit tape is failing her on the red carpet

Forgotten something?75 of 100

Forgotten something?

Strapless, bra-less, strapless bra-less. Thandie Newton is suffering

On the side76 of 100

On the side

An unfortunate angle doesn't do Tamara Beckwith any favours...

X-rated77 of 100


When you're a supermodel, you don't even have to wear knickers apparently, as Kate Moss demonstrates

Looking back...over her shoulder78 of 100

Looking back...over her shoulder

Maybe Rachel McAdams should have paid more attention to looking downwards

Just chilling79 of 100

Just chilling

Janice Dickinson's nipple is having a well deserved rest on the side of her dress

Milla Jovovich80 of 100

Milla Jovovich

Milla Jovovich appears to be wearing the most uncomfortable bra of all time

Taut-ou81 of 100


Audrey Tautou's looking a wee bit perky

The BIG reunion82 of 100

The BIG reunion

Kerry Katona didn't disappoint her fans

Mesh-tight83 of 100


TOWIE's Chloe Sims is not letting those bosoms breathe

Lift it, lift it higher84 of 100

Lift it, lift it higher

Nicole Kidman's nipple is very weirdly high up, non?

Moody boobs85 of 100

Moody boobs

Woah, Jessica Szohr is not happy about those nipples showing. Better get down to La Senza then, eh?

Give us (half) a push86 of 100

Give us (half) a push

Courtney Love seems to be wearing one half push-up bra and one half normal

Go to M&S!87 of 100

Go to M&S!

Sharon Stone's black tee is emphasising both a camel-toe and no bra. Both of which should not be emphasised

Triple whammy88 of 100

Triple whammy

Poor Vanessa White from The Saturdays has nowhere to hide!

Holy Mendes!89 of 100

Holy Mendes!

Ryan Gosling is one lucky man. Check out Eva Mendes. We can't work out if this is an accident or not

Winey-boobs90 of 100


Amy Winehouse (yes, every bit of her) is sadly missed

Bra-less91 of 100


It's feeling a bit nippy for Meg Ryan

Cleavarrrge92 of 100


Erm, that corset isn't quite doing its job, Nicola Roberts

Royal puppies!93 of 100

Royal puppies!

Kate Middleton's catwalk fashion show (well this Royal pair in particular) seduced Prince William while they were at uni

Over-excited94 of 100


Jumping up and down on stage might not have been the best plan, Kelly Rowland

Feeling nippy95 of 100

Feeling nippy

A stray nipple has somehow managed to find its way out of Abbey Clancy's gown

Insecure96 of 100


How young does Amanda Holden look here? But she should have bought a more secure dress perhaps...

Top class97 of 100

Top class

If we were ever going to show off a boob, it would be in the most classy way possible like Uma Thurman

Whoops-a-booby98 of 100


Keira Knightley almost (read ALMOST) gets away with it, but we can still see those nips

See, I am a woman!99 of 100

"See, I am a woman!"

Sharon Osbourne had a really strong point to prove, apparently

Shy and retiring100 of 100

Shy and retiring

Boy, Coco Austin, that dress fits really well

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