Jess Impiazzi was KICKED OFF new series of Ex On The Beach for lying about being single

Jess and Chloe EOTB

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Agreeing to take part in MTV's Ex On The Beach means you have to be game for pretty much everything.

You have to be free, single and have lots of potential exes waiting in the wings - it just goes without saying.

You can't be all loved up; just look at what happened to Megan McKenna and Jordan Davies last time round.

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Ex On The Beach 5 has been filmed in Thailand and it's looking to be one of the best series yet – especially as Geordie Shore's Gary Beadle has been participating in threesomes while pesky Stephen Bear cracks on with his ex Lillie Lexie Gregg.


Loads of old faces are rumoured to be making a comeback including feisty EOTB original lasses Chloe Goodman and Jess Impiazzi, and we were BESIDE OURSELVES with excitement.

Well, we were.

In a shock twist, Jess reportedly got booted off the show for hiding the pretty major fact that she wasn't single from MTV producers.

It was originally reported that Chloe Goodman was ALSO asked to leave after it was revealed she was in a relationship back in the UK, but her rep has told heat that wasn't the case.

A source revealed to The Sun Online:

"They thought the show would be a laugh and clearly didn’t think it would come out.

"It was the show that made Jess famous and she didn't want to leave it because she's always wanted to be a star and even went to stage school for it.

"But once she got there she spent most of her time crying to Chloe during filming because she missed her boyfriend back home."

Despite not lasting the duration of the show, Chloe and Jess will still feature in the new series, so it's not really a big deal for them career-wise.

The girls have also stayed loyal to each other back in Blighty, with Chloe jumping to her pal's defence when their co-star Stephen Bear decided to have a pop on a night out recently.

The newspaper reports that Chloe, who had previous rows with Stephen while filming in Thailand, was seen telling him to "f-ck off, that he was a f-ck boy and that he was full of shit" after he tried to apologise for past events.

The new series of Ex On The Beach should be hitting our shores REAL SOON (we hope).


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Gary Beadle naked selfie

Gaz Beadle is more of a dead cert than a rumour TBH.

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Toff totty: Spencer Matthews

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Deano Baily

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Imogen Townley

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