VIDEO: Chris Evans and Giles Coren get totally naked – bar willy socks – in a promo for TFI Friday


Chris Evans and Giles Coren

by Rosie Gizauskas |
Published on

Chris Evans is bringing ‘90s classic TFI Friday back for a one off-special on 12 June, so OBVIOUSLY he got totally naked to promote it.

In this promo video, which you should only watch if you fancy Chris Evans or Giles Coren, lest you scar your retinas for life, Chris and Giles get butt-nekkid (apart from some strategically placed socks).

They’re doing it in homage to the “naked parade” – where people, er, got naked.

"I think me and my body are sort of over nudity,” Chris tells Giles on the video, before they get their todgers out.

We’re really not sure how we feel about this. There’s certainly a lot of ginger hairy nether region and ruddy pink flesh on display…


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