Is this contestant’s EX really heading into Celebrity Big Brother?



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Apparently, the Celebrity Big Brother madness won’t end.

Did we mention that the show is only three days old and already people are going absolutely batshit for it?


The All Stars series was accused of bullying housemates on the first day, having ‘homophobic’ contestants on the second day, and was then slammed with ‘fix’ claims on the third.

It’s enough to make us need a little lie down.


We’re used to CBB being controversial but COME ON. It literally started on Tuesday.

As well as all of that, the rumour mill has been going non-stop about which new celebs are planning to go into the house tonight as part of a huge twist.

And now there’s talk of someone’s ex heading into the house.

It wouldn’t be the first time that Big Brother has sent an ex into the house – Stephen Bear and Lillie Lexie-Gregg, anyone?

HOW SAUCY. It’s turning into a Big Brother and Ex On The Beach hybrid and we are down for that.

So who is the ex-lover in question?

None other than Danielle Lloyd, former other-half of Jamie O’Hara.

She retweeted a fan who suggested that she should go in there, and now people are convinced she’s gonna do it. You know, for the LOLs.

That would make for some pretty good telly considering Jamie wasn’t shy about declaring his boner love for Jasmine Waltz in last night’s episode.

Could a mere tweet be confirmation of the rumour?

Speculation over who is going in tonight has reached fever point.

So far, whispers in the wind have suggested that the following housemates could be heading into the house:

Jedward – The world’s (OK maybe UK’s) most famous twins could be hauling their brand new six-packs into the house that taught them how to shave. Wouldn’t that be nice? Boyz II Men IRL.

Rylan Clark-Neal – Now, we had a chat with Rylan over at heat radio and he VERY HEAVILY HINTED that he couldn’t be a proper housemate, but that he might be ‘popping in’. Watch the interview here.

Katie Price - We would TOTALLY be behind this. She did say she wasn’t going in, but you know – celebs like to put us off the scent, don’t they?

Jonathan Cheban – Apparently Kim Kardashian’s bestie was gonna stick it to her ex-lover, Ray J, in an explosive Big Brother showdown. Unfortunately, that’s not happening as Cheban was demanding an eye-watering amount of money and a load of ridiculous perks.

Who do YOU want to see go into the house tonight?

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