Coronation Street: VERY surprising resident to be Kate Connor and Rana Nazir’s sperm donor

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Coronation Street's Kate Connor and Rana Nazir have been through a lot just so that they can be together, but things are starting to look up for the couple. Kate and Rana, played by Faye Brookes and Bhavna Limbachia, are reportedly set to engaged in the next couple of weeks - and it's now being reported that they're planning to have a baby very soon.

According to, the couple will concoct a plan to have a baby with Robert Preston, played by Tristan Gemmill, who is currently in a relationship with Michelle Connor, played by Kym Marsh.

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But Michelle will tell Robert that she doesn't want to have any more children, since she already has two grown-up sons - Ali and Ryan - and, of course, tragically lost son Ruairí with ex-husband Steve McDonald after he was stillborn in a heartbreaking storyline last year.

Robert is crushed by the news that he'll never have any kids of his own, and when Kate and Rana approach him with their secret IVF idea, he's more receptive to it than he normally would have been.

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coronation street spoilers - WEEK 44

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coronation street spoilers

This week, Sinead's secret is finally out.

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coronation street spoilers

She collapses in the ladies' toilet at work, and an ambulance is called.

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coronation street spoilers

Sinead is rushed to hospital, and Ken insists on accompanying her.

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coronation street spoilers

While Sinead is having tests, Daniel becomes aware that something is seriously wrong...

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coronation street spoilers

Ken breaks the news to him that Sinead has cervical cancer.

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coronation street spoilers

Daniel is horrified when he learns Sinead has refused treatment to save their baby.

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He implores Sinead to do whatever it takes to increase her chances of survival.

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But Sinead is adamant the baby comes first.

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Daniel is intent on raging at Ken for not telling him about Sinead's illness, but Peter tells him the cancer wasn't Ken's fault and that he was just respecting her wishes.

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coronation street spoilers

A very angry Steve returns home.

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coronation street spoilers

Amy is appalled when he tells her that Tracy left him in the desert and stole his wallet and passport.

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coronation street spoilers

Knowing they've let Amy down again, Steve begs Tracy to give their marriage a chance, will she agree?

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coronation street spoilers

Ali is unnerved when summoned to a meeting at the hospital.

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coronation street spoilers

Ronan's mother approaches Ali and asks him to talk her through her son's final moments.

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coronation street spoilers

Struggling to keep his emotions in check Ali lies, telling her he did everything he could to save her son.

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coronation street spoilers

A drunk Ali goes home to Robert and tells him he intends to hand himself into the police for killing Ronan.

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coronation street spoilers

Robert implores Ali not to hand himself in but to return to his GP training where he will have the opportunity to save thousands of lives.

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coronation street spoilers

Elsewhere, Carla discovers Peter's plan. Peter heads out for a meeting with Nigel Steadman, a competitor of Underworld, and lies to Carla about it.

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coronation street spoilers

Telling him he'll never get his hands on Underworld, Carla demands to know what Peter's playing at.

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coronation street spoilers

Later in the week, Bethany visits Ryan in hospital.

According to, a TV insider has revealed exactly how things go down, saying that Robert is "gutted" when Michelle says she doesn’t want more kids, and when Kate and Rana hear about this, "their ears practically prick up".

They added, "They beg him to do it for them as they’re looking to settle down and have a family. Obviously there’s some convincing to be done and he eventually gets swayed when they say he can do it anonymously."

However, it's never going to work with Michelle being unaware of Robert's plan with Kate and Rana... Does this spell the end of their relationship?

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