Coronation Street Spoilers: Drugs scandal sees someone DIE in Weatherfield

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Coronation Street

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Coronation Street viewers will be hit with a SERIOUSLY dramatic storyline soon. Poor Michelle Connor walks into her flat to find paramedics trying to revive someone on her floor. New guy on the street, Cormac, doesn't make it past the rolling credits next Friday, as he snuffs it in Michelle's flat after taking drugs.

It all starts when Cormac tells Ryan Connor, Bethany Platt and Sophie Webster that he can get them into a new club in town.

Michelle tries to tell her son not to mix with Cormac - who she finds out is the son of drug dealer Ronan Truman (remember his brief appearance last year?) - but Ryan goes ahead with his clubbing plans for the evening.

Coronation street
©Ronan was briefly in the soap earlier this year © ITV

Cormac soon presents Ryan with a line of cocaine, before offering an ecstasy tablet to Sophie. At this point, we know things are about to go seriously downhill...

Unimpressed, Bethany and Sophie leave and Ryan runs after them, while Cormac puts a bag of pills in his pocket to frame him.

Ryan returns to the flat and finds Cormac fitting on the floor! Instead of calling an ambulance, Ryan calls Ali Neeson (???) but when he comes round, they realise it's too late.


Coronation Street
©Cormac dies © ITV Pictures

Coronation Street Spoilers Monday 24 -Friday 28 September 2018


Closer Coronation Street Spoilers Mon 24th - Fri 28th September 2018

Corrie Spoilers1 of 20

Brian struggles

Evelyn Plummer has to step in when the kids start running rings around Brian Packham after discovering he isn't Santa anymore.

Evelyn Plummer has to step in when the kids start running rings around Brian Packham after discovering he isnu2019t santa anymore.2 of 20

Jude's first aid course

Jude Appleton takes part in Yasmeen Nazir's first aid course...

Corrie Spoilers3 of 20

Judes passes out

But he faints at the site of her blood after Yasmeen cuts her finger.

Corrie Spoilers4 of 20

Steve's free pass

Tracy Barlow tells Steve McDonald to fill his boots and enjoy his pass before the wedding...

Corrie Spoilers5 of 20

Steve misunderstands

Steve thinks she is talking about sleeping with another woman, but really Tracy is means a free spa pass for the hotel where they are getting married...

Corrie Spoilers6 of 20

Steve's temptation

Steve ignores Tim Metcalfe's warning that it could be a trap and eyes an opportunity with Abi Franklin at the dance lesson

Corrie Spoilers7 of 20

Peter uncovers all

Peter Barlow walks in on a topless Steve after going to find him to tell him his daughter Amy has had a fall at the spa...

Corrie Spoilers8 of 20

Steve's desperate

Steve tries to keep Peter from blabbing to Tracy about what he saw but Peter isn't having any of it.

Corrie Spoilers9 of 20

Josh gets discharged from hospital

Billy Mayhew is horrified to find Josh Tucker at his door but Josh has been discharged from hospital and has nowhere else to go...

Corrie Spoilers10 of 20

Sean welcomes Josh

After an unsuspecting Sean Tully welcomes Josh into the flat and he tries to pair him with Emma Brooker, Billy suggests he's not boyfriend material.

Corrie Spoilers11 of 20

Ayla confronts Josh

When Alya Nazir discovers that Josh is at Billy's flat she heads over and confronts him...

Corrie Spoilers12 of 20

Billy tells David

When Billy finds that Alya has found out, he realises he has to get to David and tell him everything before she does.

Corrie Spoilers13 of 20

Liz offers offers life savings

Liz McDonald reveals she can raise £10k for Hannah Gilmore...

Corrie Spoiler14 of 20

Johnny confronts Liz

Keen to find out who his blackmailer is, Johnny Connor confronts Liz about whether she has told Jim about their one night stand.

Corrie Spoiler15 of 20

Cormac takes Ryan, Bethany and Sophie clubbing

After Daniel Osbourne tells Robert Preston and Michelle Connor who Cormac's dad is, Cormac tries to persuade Ryan Connor, Sophie Webster and Bethany Platt that he can get them into a new club opening in town...

Corrie Spoiler16 of 20

Michelle warns Ryan

Michelle tries to warn Ryan away but as they prepare for a night's clubbing, Cormac offers Ryan a line of coke...

Corrie Spoiler17 of 20

Cormac offers ecstasy

After taking cocaine, Cormac then offers ecstasy pills to Sophie, Bethany and Ryan. Bethany and Sophie leave and Ryan runs after them...

Corrie Spoiler18 of 20

Ryan gets framed

Cormac frames Ryan and puts a bag of pills in his pocket...

Corrie Spoiler19 of 20

Cormac overdoses

Ryan heads back to the flat and he finds Cormac fitting and calls Ali...

Corrie Spoiler20 of 20

Cormac dies

Ali goes to the flat under the impression an ambulance has also been called but discovers that Ryan didn't call one and Cormac passes away.

These episodes are apparently going to lead on to the street's biggest autumn storyline this year, and we cannot wait to see how it unfolds.

This week, Sally Webster has more than her fair share of drama to contend with as she goes it alone in the court room. Elsewhere, Steve McDonald's got his dancing shoes on, but it looks as if he's got two left feet. His wedding plans are going from bad to worse, it seems.

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