Coronation Street Spoilers: Sally Webster ALONE in court

Coming up in Coronation Street, Sally's pre-trail hearing arrives and it all goes pear shaped

Sally Webster fraud

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Across the cobbles, last week's Coronation Street saw Imran Habeed hardly believing how lucky he was. Two sisters, both interested in dating him - he was as happy as Larry. This week, the harsh reality of the world comes crashing down on him as Leanne and Toyah Battersby finally find out what he's been up to - and make sure that they get their revenge on him.

Sally Webster is involved in that, but also has more than her fair share of drama of her own to contend with. The legal system is a complicated beast, and she finds out why lawyers spend so much time learning their craft as she attempts to go it alone in the courtroom.

Across the cobbles, Steve McDonald's got his dancing shoes on, but it looks as if he's got two left feet. His wedding plans are going from bad to worse, it seems.

Coronation Street spoilers Monday 17 - Friday 21 September


WEEK 38: Coronation Street Spoilers - 17-21 September 2018

imran leanne toyah1 of 15

Imran's double date

Toyah and Leanne both arrange a night out with Imran, unaware that he's seeing them both. Adam knows that Imran should make a decision about the sisters, so does the sensible thing and advises him to make a pros and cons list of the women to help him decide. What, you are wondering, could possibly go wrong with such a foolproof plan?

imran leanne toyah find out2 of 15

Somehow, SOMEHOW, Imran gets caught out

Sally finds a list of names that Imran dropped in the cafe (seriously, Imran and his bloody lists (doesn't he know about iPhone notes)) so she goes to the solicitors' office to return it. There, she overhears Adam advising Imran that he can't keep sleeping with both sisters, and Imran saying he's lost a list of witnesses for Duncan's case - the list Sally happened to find earlier. What is she to do with her new information? Enter: Power Sally. She decides to tell the sisters the truth and they teach Imran a lesson by going along with it. They all go for lunch and the champagne flows as the sisters promise Imran the night of his life - the big fool.

imran leanne toyah player played3 of 15

Imran comes back to Earth

When the shoe is on the other foot and Imran finds a pros and cons list about him (made by Leanne and Toyah), he takes his anger out on Leanne and fires her. This, though, doesn't last long, as Adam tells Imran to give Leanne her job back because the filing system is in a state. Imran, Toyah and Leanne meet in the bistro, with the sisters forcing Imran to apologise for what he did. But, of course, it isn't all plain sailing as Leanne can't help but notice the way that Toyah looks at Imran - perhaps there are feelings there still...

sally imran list4 of 15

Sally's discovery

Nervous for her pretrial hearing, Sally goes in search of Sophie at no.13, but walks in on her and Paula together. She calls one of the witnesses on Imran's list that she found earlier. Paula tells her that she can get in serious trouble for it, and Sally promptly sacks her for chiming in. Just to put the cherry on the cake, she also tells Sophie that she doesn't want her in court either. Tim, naturally, is very worried.

sally court alone5 of 15

Solo Sally in court

Sally goes to court with only a very worried Tim and Gina to support her. Imran can't help but see the funny side of Sally representing herself in court, and promptly tells the judge that she harassed a witness. Imran the big snitch.

Tim angry imran6 of 15

Terrible Tim

Later, realising the error in her ways, Sally phones Sophie, asking her to reinstate Paula. Tim has gone from worried to angry, first at Sophie, then at Imran when he learns that he threatened Sally over exposing his affair with Toyah and Leanne.

gina tim support7 of 15

Gina offers support to Tim

Sally is upset when Tim tells her of his argument with Imran. Back at home, Gina comforts Tim and reassures him that he was just looking out of his wife, doing nothing wrong. Poor old Tim.

dna Hannah steve8 of 15

DNA means Definitely Not Accurate for Hannah

After having doubts last week about the reliability of the DNA results that Jim brought with him, Steve wants to try it for himself.Hannah and Steve provide swabs for a DNA test, but Jim and Hannah trick Steve.

Hannah collapse9 of 15

Hannah's collapse could be coming sooner rather than later

Later, Hannah pretends to collapse after hearing that Liz still has money from her sale of the Rovers. Liz asks Hannah to move in with her following this, so that the can look after her. Tracy isn't so convinced. Jim questions whether of not he and Hannah are actually going to go through with their play, and if they're going too far. Hannah asks if Jim still has feelings for Liz, sensing his uncertainty about their evil rouse.

simon Peter homework10 of 15

Poor Simon

Tyler and his friends steal Simon's bag and rip up his homework. Peter seeks out and confronts Vicky, Tyler's mum, but she makes it clear that she is blaming Simon for her son being in prison. Uh oh. It gets worse still for Peter when he find's that Carla has given Vicky a job at the factory.

Vicky win factory job11 of 15

Vicky wins this round

Despite Peter's protests, Carla keeps Vicky on in her job when Beth and Kirk both call in sick. Looks like she's here to stay, Peter.

Peter Vicky bygone truce12 of 15

Let bygones be bygones

Peter tells Simon that he's not going to rest until Vicky is sacked, but when Simon explains that will only make matters worse, he sees the light. He tells Vicky that she can work at the factory if she calls off Tyler and his mates. Carla is confused by his sudden change of heart, but at least he isn't on the hunt for her to get the sack anymore. But: with things at the factory no better, Peter looks too buying the old snooker hall on Victoria Road.

Steve wedding dance13 of 15

Dancing queen

Peter shows Steve and Tracy an article about a castle that they booked for their wedding being destroyed in a fire. Steve tries his hardest to act disappointed - you can image how that goes. Later, Steve is left embarrassed when Abi and Mary make fun of him at a wedding dance class. When he storms out Abi offers to help him. See, who said storming out doesn't ever get you anywhere?

Evelyn evil14 of 15

Evil Evelyn at it again

Eevlyn's proving to be quite the difficult housemate. When taking part in the Rovers quiz she upsets her team by getting the tie break question wrong. To be fair to the old girl, we've all been there. Liz thinks it may be a good idea for her to live somewhere else, but Tyrone has other ideas. Elsewhere, Evelyn is interested to find out that Tyrone was once engaged to Maria. He's disappointed to learn that all the photos of his mum were lost in a house fire.

ronan son work15 of 15

Honest work for Ronan's son

Ronan, Drug Dealer Ronan, corners Adam and explains that his son is coming out of Youth Offenders soon and he needs to find a job. Now when a drug dealer corners you like that you usually do what he wants, so Adam manages to persuade Michelle to give Ronan's son, Cormac, a job washing up at the Bistro.What could go wrong?

Elsewhere in Coronation Street, Peter Barlow's locked in a battle with Tyler Jefferies' mum, Vicky - and matters are made worse when he finds out he's working with her. Nothing worse than having an enemy in the workplace...we hear. Ahem.

Moving on, Evelyn Plummer is proving herself to be a tricky mistress - and she's making life hard for everyone in her life.

Oh, the drama.

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