Dani Dyer HITS BACK at fans who called her out for cancelling meet-and-greet


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by Arianna Chatzidakis |

Love Island 2018 winner Dani Dyer has hit back at fans who called her out for cancelling a meet-and-greet at last notice.

Dani and her boyfriend Jack Fincham were supposed to be guest stars at the Student Sessions at the Bullring and Grand Central shopping centre on Thursday, but pulled out last minute due to illnesses.

The night before, the couple were partying at Dani's In The Style launch party, and lots of fans think that the pair were just hungover on Thursday.

Fans lashed out at Dani when she posted the below picture to her Instagram account, showing her on holiday with a friend just days after she cancelled the meet-and-greet:

One fan wrote: " ‘Thought you were not well? If you are well enough to go on holiday surely your well enough to see your fans! #disappointed’."

Another wrote "I think you should've gone on holiday after the pa then you wouldn't have received the hate it’s disappointing letting people down last minute don't forget the people who made you as you climb up the success ladder cos you can come down just as quick stay humble."

SEE inside Dani and Danny Dyer's house:

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A sofa in the garden? How fancy

In now-deleted comments, Dani hit back by saying "I always always see my fans I have been working so hard lately and needed a weekend away. I don't need to be judged for that."

According to The Sun, she also wrote "I make time for everyone and sometimes I need time for myself and my friend please understand that. I don't ever cancel anything unless I really can't attend something. So don't judge PLEASE!!"

Other fans were quick to rush to Dani's support, with one fan writing "Completely understand being constantly in the media is stressful you deserve a break enjoy it beaut💝💝💝"

Another wrote "Not all illnesses are visible some people are so quick to judge and upset others when they have no idea what @danidyerxx is going through. Enjoy the break away and recharge your [batteries]."

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