Daniel Baldwin threatens to leave Celebrity Big Brother over nudity

Oh dear...

Daniel Baldwin Celebrity Big Brother

by Owen Tonks |

Things don’t seem to be going to well in the Celebrity Big Brother house so far – Tila Tequila was removed from the house less than 24 hours after launch night and now Daniel Baldwin has threatened to quit the show.

The actor, brother of Alex Baldwin, is refusing to share his bed with girls and has reportedly said he will leave the show immediately if his demands are not met.

He says he wants his own space to sleep in out of respect for his wife who would not like to see him sleep with another woman.

He told The Sun: “I said, ‘I need to let you know that, out of respect for my wife, I would never share a bed with another woman. You’re going to have to adjust that or I would leave immediately.’”

The star also says he does not want to see any of his fellow housemates flash any flesh and, if they do, he will also consider walking out the door.

He said: “There is a pool involved and on a nice day I am sure people will lie out in scatily-clad outfits. But if things start coming off I would not sit around the pool, out of respect to my wife. I’d go in the house.

“If they tell me I have to be present for that, I would get my bad and leave the show. Those are the two premises I insisted on.”

Has he watched the show before?

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