Where can I watch David Cameron’s full interview with heat?

The PM takes on heat's Big Interview...

by Laurence Mozafari |

Forget Frost vs Nixon this is Cave vs Cameron.

That's right, heat's Lucie Cave took to 10 Downing Street to ask our head honcho the questions that matter - like what sauce does he put on his chips? What's his spirit animal? Who he'd most like to have a selfie with, and why the disenfranchised youth of Great Britain should engage in an intimidating political process that is largely inaccessible to them?

But that's not all, we got loads of our celeb mates to ask him questions (including Joey Essex, Steph and Dom from Gogglebox and Alan Carr) aswell as loads of questions from you, our dear heat readers.

You can see "Dave" take on celebrity questions on this very page from 1 April and check out his full interview here on 3 April.

But for now, have a little gander at the teaser above for a flavour of what to expect (no, we can't believe he let us film in Number 10 either) when heat's Lucie Cave came face to face with David Cameron.

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