Dermot O’Leary smashes up a sweetshop in this new Murder In Successville clip!

Dermy, we told you giving up sugar was a bad idea

by Rosie Gizauskas |
Published on

Have you been watching Murder In Successville? Because if you haven’t then you should – it’s brilliant.

In the next episode Dermot O’Leary assumes the role of DI Sleet’s sidekick, as they attempt to solve the murder of Amanda Holden.

We’ve already seen Jamie Laing, Deborah Meaden and Greg James attempt to keep a straight face on the genius show, and now it’s Dermy’s turn.

We’re not sure exactly why he’s smashing up a sweetshop in this clip, but all will become clear in the next episode.

Oh, and Dermot – you look hot in a police uniform. Just saying.


Murder In Successville is on BBC Three, Wednesday, 10pm.

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