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Derry Girls

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Channel 4's Derry Girls earned itself quite the following last year when it hit our screens; and now, fans of the hit show will be overjoyed to hear that the The Northern Ireland-based comedy is set to return for a third series, with Channel 4 taking to Twitter to confirm the news.

Taking to their Twitter account, that boasts a whopping 952k followers, Channel 4 wrote, 'That might be the end for series 2 of #DerryGirls, but don’t worry it will be returning for series 3! @LisaMMcGee @SaoirseJackson @nicolacoughlan @louisa_harland @JamieLeeOD @Djllewellyn 🎉🎉🎉⁣' [sic]

Excited fans were quick to respond, with one writing, 'Can Derry girls start being like coronation street and like just be on forever every night until the end of time ?' [sic] and another writing, 'It was hilarious, already looking forward to series 3!! #DerryGirls 😂😂' [sic].

The first series of Derry Girls was Channel 4's biggest comedy launch since 2004, being watched by an average of 2.5 million viewers across the UK. It also proved a great success at the IFTAs, picking up best comedy with Lisa McGee winning the award for best writer in a comedy or soap.

The show's writer Lisa spoke of how thrilled she was about the announcement of the third series, saying, "I love writing this show and I'm so thrilled to be able to continue the Derry Girls story, thank you Channel 4, Erin and the eejits live to fight another day!"

Swipe through to see the phrases and sayings only someone from Northern Ireland would know...


Northern Ireland phrases - slider

Stressed out1 of 14
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Up to high doh

Stressed out

How are you?2 of 14
CREDIT: u00a9 iStock

Bout ye?

An informal way of asking how you are

Embarrassed3 of 14
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Afraid4 of 14
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Iu2019m cold5 of 14
CREDIT: u00a9 iStock


I'm cold

Acting like an idiot6 of 14
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Buck eejit

Acting like an idiot

An ice-cream7 of 14
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An ice-cream

Thatu2019s fine8 of 14
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Dead on

That's fine

Cry9 of 14
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Cry, moan or complain about something

Small10 of 14
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Go for a walk11 of 14
CREDIT: u00a9 iStock


Go for a walk

Bogginu201912 of 14
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Broken beyond repair13 of 14
CREDIT: u00a9 iStock


Broken beyond repair

Over-excited14 of 14
CREDIT: u00a9 iStock

Wind yer neck in

Calm down, usually said to somebody who is over-excited or boasting about something

Derry Girls season one and two are available on All4, Channel 4's catchup service.

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