This couple had a Don’t Tell The Bride first and didn’t actually get married

The groom had an absolute shocker


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Don’t Tell The Bride is up there with Friends and Four In The Bed as our favourite series to binge watch on a hangover. Partly because all the weird and wonderful wedding ideas seem even more weird and wonderful when we’re still semi-drunk on a Sunday morning. But mainly because the grooms’ abysmal efforts to organise a wedding usually remind us that being single is not so bad.

And it would seem the bride-to-be in last night’s episode was on a similar wavelength. In a Don’t Tell The Bride first, the couple decided to not go through with the marriage.

Wednesday night’s show saw Sofia and Craig reveal they had VERY different ideas of their dream wedding.

Sofia was keen to wed in a romantic beach ceremony, while Craig wanted to put on a big party with an Oktoberfest-themed wedding.

And unfortunately for Craig, his Bierkeller extravaganza (in an actual brewery) fell flat.

dont tell the bride

Sofia was clearly unimpressed throughout the whole process, and it was hard to ignore the tension on the big day – at one point she stormed off and refused to speak to Craig.

“She thinks I’m trying to make her look stupid,” he explained.

“I was trying to make this fun. It’s not a beer festival. It’s a party.”

He then admitted: “I’m sorry that it’s fucked up. I fucked up, I got it wrong…and I wasn’t doing anything against you. I wasn’t trying to make you look silly.”

Sofia then reluctantly agreed to go through with the ceremony, but it was then revealed that the couple had to decided not to make the marriage legal.

dont tell the bride

“At the time of making this programme Craig and Sofia had decided not to make their wedding legal and are working together on their relationship,” viewers were told in the closing credits.


Fans on Twitter said it was the most awkward episode they'd ever seen.

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