UK Drag Race queen snubs reunion and leaves WhatsApp group – the shade of it

Spill the tea, girl

RuPaul's Drag Race UK

by William Marriott |

RuPaul's Drag Race UK came to an end last week, after its successful debut season saw a major cultural moment take over British tellyboxes.

But it looks like shade has been thrown since the last episode aired, and the drama seems to be continuing off screen.

It was only a matter of time.

Davina Di Campo
Davina Di Campo ©BBC

Taking to Twitter to reveal the queens had all reunited for a Christmas meal, the winner of the BBC Three show The Vivienne posted a picture of the gang back together, enjoying a festive feast.

The image was captioned, "Family Reunion! @dragraceukbbc."

But fans couldn't help but notice that Scaredy Kat was missing, leading The Vivenne's followers to believe that there had been a fall-out between her and the rest of the contestants.

One fan wrote, "Where’s @the_scaredy_kat tho?", while another commented, "Has scaredy cat been scared away?!"

A third said, "Out of them all, Scaredy Kat has definitely changed the most since the show aired," and a fourth added, "Justice for @the_scaredy_kat."

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RuPaul's Drag Race UK Contestants

Blu Hydrangea
1 of 10
CREDIT: BBC/ Leigh Keily / Matt Burlem

'My name comes from the blue hydrangea bush that's in my garden. My nanny taught me that you have to plant it with a rusty nail so that it turns into a beautiful blue hydrangea. I love that story, of like something coming from a rusty, dirty nail into something beautiful — which is kind of like me.'

2 of 10
CREDIT: BBC/ Leigh Keily / Matt Burlem

'Crystal is a gender-bending, mess-with-your-brain kind of drag queen. She stands for tearing down gender constructs, and using creativity and looks and fashion and crazy performances to create excitement.'

Divina Di Campo
3 of 10
CREDIT: BBC/ Leigh Keily / Matt Burlem

'Drag to me is absolute freedom. You can do anything and everything that you want.'

The Vivienne
4 of 10
CREDIT: BBC/ Leigh Keily / Matt Burlem

'My style of drag, I always say it's like a scouse wife who's come into money, she's moved to LA, blew it all and then she's had to move back to Bootle.'

Cheryl Hole
5 of 10
CREDIT: BBC/ Leigh Keily / Matt Burlem

'I have been described as a lip sync assassin, and I would like to see any of these girls try to out-lip-sync me because this is what I do.'

Scaredy Kat
6 of 10
CREDIT: BBC/ Leigh Keily / Matt Burlem

'I'm way too young to be here — I'm the youngest queen ever on Drag Race. My persona in drag is cute, pink and scared like a nervous flamingo.'

Baga Chipz
7 of 10
CREDIT: BBC/ Leigh Keily / Matt Burlem

'I'm the tart with a heart. Like chips, they can go with anything. [...] I'm not an instagram, makeup drag queen — but throw me on a stage and I entertain the absolute shite out of a room.'

Vinegar Strokes
8 of 10
CREDIT: BBC/ Leigh Keily / Matt Burlem

'My drag's influenced by family members and friends, who are really strong working class women who have kind of built their way up and climbed their way up through the mud and the shit to get to where they are.'

Sum Ting Wong
9 of 10
CREDIT: BBC/ Leigh Keily / Matt Burlem

'I'm doing things now that I wanted to do as a kid. Drag helped that 12-year-old me finally live out his dream.'

Gothy Kendoll
10 of 10
CREDIT: BBC/ Leigh Keily / Matt Burlem

'I think, for a lot of queens my age, RuPaul's Drag Race kind of sets the standard for what modern drag is, so i'm definitely inspired by the show. [...] Being in this competition means the world to me — the fact that I even got cast doesn't feel real.'

Scaredy Kat
Scaredy Kat ©BBC

And now it has been revealed by runner-up Davina Di Campo that Scaredy Kat has in fact LEFT their WhatsApp group - but for a good reason.

She told Digital Spy, "Scaredy [Kat]’s already left the WhatsApp group. I keep checking in with her, it's not that she isn't contactable to people, but there are so many messages to trawl through."

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"Cheryl [Hole] is very active on the group, she's gobby isn't she? So she's constantly chatting and posting pictures in there. Everybody's pretty active, I'm like a sleeper."

The Brighouse-born drag queen added, "I'm like your mum on Facebook, she doesn’t post anything but she's always watching and doing a little like here and there. I love the fact that we're all still so close."

Scaredy Kat's representative has been contacted for comment.

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