EastEnders Christmas 2015: Spoilers and everything you need to know about the festive period

It's going to be as depressing as ever! YAY!

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Christmas is a wonderful time of year – you get to open literally MILLIONS of presents, stuff your face with mince pies, almost die from overconsumption of chocolate and, hmmm, there’s something we’re forgetting… Oh, yes! EASTENDERS!

Christmas EastEnders is that special time of year when we get to watch actual hell on earth as it’s always bound to involve burnt turkey, dodgy sprouts, tears, tantrums and death.

The stress of watching the BBC soap has so much tension and can cause arguments that could actually tear families apart, so we’ve come up with a little guide so you know what to expect.

Christmas EastEnders 2015

Christmas in EastEnders is usually horrendous and has been for literally decades.

In past years Pauline Fowler died on actual Xmas Day, as did Jamie Mitchell right after he proposed to Sonya Fowler from his hospital bed, and Tiffany Butcher got taken out by a car.

And there will be no relief from the misery this year because apparently we WANT to see horrific things over the festive period.

Producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins told Metro.co.uk: “People do expect EastEnders to be a bit gruesome. You argue with your family, you are often having a dreadful day and you can watch and think ‘at least I’m not a Beale’.”


Christmas EastEnders spoilers 2015

Well, we don’t know EXACTLY what’s going to happen but hints have been dropped left, right and centre by ‘Enders bosses.

It looks like there’ll be death, threats, shocks and plenty of secrets exposed.

Vincent and Phil are at war, with Vince even pulling a gun on Sharon, and Bobby is well and truly showing his evil side again.

Kat and Alfie are back in London just in time for Charlie Slater’s death, while Shirley finally realises what her rapist son Dean is capable of.

Phil gets himself into trouble with his drinking and, looking out for his dad, Ben asks him: “How many of those [drinks] have you sunk?” to which he replies: “I don’t comment on how many geezers you wink at, do I?” Nice.

Chrismas EastEnders trailer

In a promo released before the big episodes this week, Sharon can be heard telling Kathy that little murderous Bobby needs help. Well, yah!

There’s a load of dramz surrounding Mick and Linda’s wedding and it looks like the Mitchell-Beale’s festive period is going to go pear-shaped.

Take a look:

EastEnders Christmas Eve

They’re diving right in there with the drama this year as Stacey goes into labour during the nativity play.

Of course, nothing goes smoothly as boyfriend Martin is there to welcome the mini human but actual dad Kush is by her side too, and it’s not long before Martin finds out the truth.

Stacey will go on to take a leading storyline in the New Year as it’s revealed she suffers Postpartum Psychosis.

EastEnders Christmas Eve time

Thursday 24 December, 8.30pm, BBC1

EastEnders Christmas Day

Nothing says Christmas like EastEnders’ yearly, disastrous Mitchell family dinner, and a festive death.

Well, there is still a killer roaming Walford in the form of Bobby (remember when he just ended sister Lucy’s life a while back? Oops!) and BBC bosses have been hinting a “well loved character” is going to end up six foot under after Christmas Day.

In a trailer, after Bobby is seen sitting in the back of a car, a right ol’ smashed-up 4x4 is shown hanging out in the woods, which is found by a not-so-sober-looking Phil who has gone looking for missing Bobby. Could Bobby and his murderous ways have struck again?!

Vincent is also shown standing on his car, which has also taken a bashing, so has he had a bit of a blunder? And, more importantly, HAS ANYONE DIED?!

EastEnders Christmas Day time

Friday 25 December, 8.45pm, BBC1

EastEnders Boxing Day

By now we will have seen Phil turn up at the hospital following a massive booze bender after failing to beat his battle with the bottle. He’s given a potentially fatal diagnosis of Cirrhosis.

Could the square be mourning his death today?

EastEnders Boxing Day time

Saturday 26 December, 7.30pm, BBC1

EastEnders New Year’s Day

Friday 1 January is set to be a big day in Albert Square – it’s Mick and Linda’s wedding!

After meeting 20 years prior, the happy couple are set to say ‘I do’ after walking down the aisle.

This of course means everything is going to go perfectly and no one, absolutely nobody, is going to punch someone in the face.

Well, that might be true if Shirley hadn’t caught her beloved Dean attacking Roxy (meaning the penny finally dropped that Linda was telling the truth about her being raped by him) and Dean didn’t turn up at the wedding in a bid to seek revenge… Uh oh!

EastEnders New Year’s Day time

Friday 1 January, 8pm, BBC1

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