EastEnders Live recap: A birth! A death!? And a resurrection!

It was all going down in tonight's one hour episode...


by Kay Ribeiro |
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WOW. We knew EastEnders would have a few tricks up its soap sleeve for tonight’s big Whodunnit episode, but we weren’t expecting ANY of that. There was so much exciting stuff packed into one hour, we don’t even know where to begin.

But obviously what everyone tuned in to see was who killed Lucy Beale. We’ve had a ten month wait, so of course ‘Enders were going to eek it out for another 59 minutes and 30 seconds before finally revealing it was…JANE! Yes, Jane. See, we told you it’s always the quiet ones. As yet we don’t know the full details, like if she did it on her own or if she was covering for someone, but it will all come out in the next episode at 9.30pm and we can’t wait. No doubt there will be some kind of twist…


And that’s not all. It was all kicking off big time in The Vic. Not only did Kat and Sonia have a katfight (geddit?), involving Ian and Jane’s wedding cake, but Kim Fox went into labour in the blinking bog. Yes, really. It was a live fake birth, people, which has got to be a soap first. The only disappointing thing was Kim didn't name her new baby girl after Queen Victoria or choose something suitably flashy and fabulous but chose the surprisingly demure name, Pearl. Oh well, each to their own.

Meanwhile, in The Vic cellar, evil Dean Wicks was spraying petrol around like it was Glade air freshener, which didn’t go down well with Mick Carter – especially when he realised toerag Dean was manhandling Nancy Carter. Fortunately, Mick’s size 10 shoe applied to Dean’s throat seemed to do the trick – no one messes with Mick’s faaaaaamily. But is Dean actually dead?

Talking of which, poor Dot Cotton got taken away by the cops for admitting to killing Nasty Nick, which is bang out of order, because in our minds the person responsible for putting a stop to his bad acting should be rewarded not punished.

And finally, the totally unexpected bombshell is Kathy Mitchell is back. You know, Kathy who got it on with both Phil and Grant Mitchell, moved to South Africa and carked it. Well, turns out she’s not so dead now – and has in fact been paid off by Phil to stay away from Walford. But WHY? No doubt this, plus much, much, more will be explained.

But for now we need a long lie down to process everything.

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