EastEnders’ MASSIVE Lucy Beale whodunnit twist: it was Bobby!

Just when we thought we knew the answers…

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by Kay Ribeiro |
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Oh, EastEnders, how you like to mess with our minds. In a MAJOR twist, it turns out that it was actually Bobby Beale who caused Lucy Beale’s death not Jane Beale, as we were led to believe.

That’s right, little Bobby, who until this moment no one cared about, let alone could even describe, is actually a devil child. (So, OK, maybe this is a tad harsh but his actions did result in his sister’s death, which is at least a 9 on the scale of 1–evil.)


All along, we’ve said that Jane was likely to be protecting one of her step/adopted children and that it’s always the quiet ones. And they don’t come more quiet than Bobby, who till now has pretty much been mute.

Given the Bobby-shaped bombshell, it now makes total sense why Jane whisked him away to Birmingham after Lucy’s death rather than sticking around and why Jane wasn’t at Lucy’s funeral (a guilty conscious can be a terrible thing). Also, Bobby’s creepy folder of cuttings on Lucy’s murder is now fitting into place…

And we’re guessing that Jane gave Lauren Branning her alibi about turning away from the house before seeing Lucy, because she felt bad someone innocent would get embroiled in the sorry saga.

Yes, things are starting to become crystal clear, but we still need more answers...

Tune into EastEnders tomorrow at 8pm on BBC1 for more pieces of the Lucy Beale murder puzzle to be revealed.

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