EastEnders spoilers: Alfie Moon’s in big trouble – can Kat save him?

Shock news in store for Kat Moon

eastenders spoilers alfie moon and kat moon

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In EastEnders next week, Stacey Fowler worries about Hayley Slater when she continues to spiral out of control.

Elsewhere, Alfie Moon feels the pressure when his lies catch up with him and as things go from bad to worse, he sends Kat Moon a text revealing he's in trouble...

Mick Carter reaches out to some family members, Phil Mitchell is left furious, Keegan Baker turns to drugs and Denise Fox returns to the Square.

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eastenders spoilers alfie moon debt1 of 20

Stacey worries about Hayley

Following a dramatic few weeks, things get off to a great start for Kat who revels in looking after her kids.While thing is happening, Stacey worries about Hayley following all the trauma she's recently been through.

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Ian pulls out of Alfie's investment

The drama for the Slaters doesn't stop there though because Alfie is still lurking.His week kicks off to a stressful start when all of his lies catch up on him. It's not long before Ian Beale withdraws from the investment and when Kat slams her husband, a desperate Alfie seeks out Phil to help with his money issue.

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Alfie makes Phil an offer

While Alfie's at The Arches, he notices Keanu Taylor is hiding a stack of cash and it gets him thinking…After tracking down Phil, Alfie makes him an offer. Later after securing money, Alfie arranges a family meal but Kat's left upset when she gets a text from Alfie saying he's in trouble…Eek!

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The bailiffs arrive at the Slater house

Later, Mo has a go at the bailiffs when they take possessions from the Slater house.

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eastenders spoilers alfie moon debt

Things get worse when the police arrive with some shocking news – what's happened?

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eastenders spoilers alfie moon debt

Poor Kat is left shocked when she finds half a message from Alfie on a Post-it note in her bag. She's left in despair when Ernie reveals he's eaten the other part.

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eastenders spoilers alfie moon debt

Kat and Stacey desperately turn the house upside down trying to find a clue from Alfie but can't find anything.It's not long before a furious Phil arrives, after finding out Alfie's done a runner, and demands answers from the Slaters.

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eastenders spoilers alfie moon debt

At the end of the week, Kat explains to the kids that Alfie's gone away for a while however when she finds the rest of Alfie's note she rushes upstairs…

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Mick gets annoyed at Megan

Over to the Carter household and Linda Carter worries when Mick Carter refuses to speak to their son Johnny.Things get worse when Megan arrives and starts complaining that the football team has folded.

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eastenders spoilers mick and megan

Despite Mick and Megan being at odds, Linda loves seeing her husband wound up because Megan reminds her of Nancy.Later on when Mick plays football with Ollie, Megan shows him up again with his coaching techniques.

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eastenders spoilers mick and megan

It's not long before Mick caves and agrees to coach the football team again.Following his new role and a fun day out with Ollie, Mick asks Linda to call their kids Nancy and Johnny.N'aww.

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Mitch is left worried

Elsewhere, Mitch Baker agrees to coach the football team alongside Mick. Mitch then sweet talks Karen into looking after Bailey but he's left worries when he hears Karen is looking for him – what's Mitch hiding?

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eastenders mitch baker

Later, Karen helps Bailey get over her fear of dogs and Mitch is left touched when he sees the little one performing magic tricks.

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Phil warns Louise off from Keanu

Over to Keanu Taylor and he feels suspicious when Phil asks him to work discretely on a car.Then when Phil spots Louise heading over to The Arches he warns his daughter to leave Keanu alone.

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Phil invites Keanu over for dinner

An annoyed Louise gives her dad a piece of her mind but after some tough words, Phil does a complete U-turn and invites Keanu over for dinner.

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eastenders spoilers keanu louise pregnant

Unfortunately, dinner gets cancelled when Keanu insists he can't pursue his brother's ex-girlfriend… makes sense to be fair.

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eastenders spoilers keanu louise pregnant

Following her dad's meddling, a mortified Louise rushes to apologise to Keanu. At the end of the week, Karen and Bernadette offer to help Louise but then things go from bad to worse for her.

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Louise and Bernadette bond

Later on, Louise and Bernadette have a heart to heart and after hearing Keegan's sister's advice, Louise snubs Keanu when he tries to let her down gently.

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Keegan is tempted by drugs

While all this drama is going on, Keegan struggles when he gets a reminder of his friend Shakil. Struggling to cope, he thinks drugs will help…Strapped for cash, Keegan is at loss but when he bumps into Phil, who asks him to give Keanu and Louise's blessing, he agrees in exchange for cash.We can already tell this isn't going to end well…

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Denise has bad news

Also on the Square, Kush Kazemi is surprised to discover Denise has returned from her mini-break. Later Denise confides in Patrick and reveals she's lost her job.

That's all the drama set to happen next week on EastEnders - but here's a recap on what to expect this week in Walford...

It all kicks off with Tiffany Butcher desperate to make things up to Evie Steele. Unfortunately it won't be easy and Tiff is left shocked when her pal reveals she wants Dennis to replace Rat in their gang.

Elsewhere on the Square, Mick continues to bottle his emotions and when he snaps at his wife Linda, she's left stunned. She's soon able to get through to her husband and he finally opens up and reveals how he struggled in prison.

The drama doesn't stop there, because Doctor Legg opens up to Dot Branning and reveals his suspicions about her house guest Stuart Highway.

A desperate Rainie Branning hides how unwell she really is from Max Branning - but will he see though her lies?

Finally, Louise Mitchell and Keanu Taylor grow even closer following their driving lessons.

EastEnders airs on Mondays and Fridays at 8pm, and Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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