EastEnders’ Dean Gaffney drops MAJOR spoiler about Christmas 2018 in Walford

He plays Robbie Jackson

Dean Gaffney

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EastEnders actor Dean Gaffney has just dropped a MAHUSIVE spoiler about this year's Christmas episode. Of course, as all soap fans know, writers always use the Christmas Day episode to think up the most dramatic and gasp-inducing storylines - and it sounds like this year in Walford will be no different.

Dean, who has played Robbie Jackson on the soap on and off from 1993, spoke out at last night's Inside Soap Awards (22nd Oct) - and revealed that this year's festivities would see the return of an 'iconic' character.


Speaking to Digital Spy at the event in London, Dean coyly said, "It’s Christmas in Walford - it speaks for itself. We’ve got a returnee coming back, which is exciting.

"For me, personally, I'm a good friend of this person — whoever they may be! I think they're iconic with EastEnders. There's certain people that come back to a show, they might not add to it, but this person definitely adds to it."

He added that it was "good to have this person back," and that viewers will find their Christmas storyline "very interesting."

Swipe through to see all the EastEnders spoilers you need to know for this week...


Eastenders spoilers week 44

Eastenders spoilers1 of 17

Eastenders spoilers

Hayley's baby is due, and she fears that Alfie will soon be exposed as the father

Eastenders spoilers2 of 17

Eastenders spoilers

So she makes plans to leave Walford...

Eastenders spoilers3 of 17

Eastenders spoilers

She calls a mother and baby hostel for help, but they tell her she has to have the baby first.

Eastenders spoilers4 of 17

Eastenders spoilers

She enlists Mariam's help but to no avail. However, when Karen offers her own advice,

Eastenders spoilers5 of 17

Eastenders spoilers

Hayley gets a shock when her waters break and she rushes into the cab to drive to the hospital.

Eastenders spoilers6 of 17

Eastenders spoilers

However, things turn disastrous when the cab breaks down - and Hayley is forced to give birth alone.

Eastenders spoilers7 of 17

Eastenders spoilers

Keanu and Kat frantically search for Hayley and when they see the abandoned cab and hear a baby cry, they discover Hayley unconscious and call an ambulance.

Eastenders spoilers8 of 17

Eastenders spoilers

Bernadette and Tiffany are trick or treating.

Eastenders spoilers9 of 17

Eastenders spoilers

While they're out, they hear a cry for help...

Eastenders spoilers10 of 17

Eastenders spoilers

Not realising that it's Hayley, they ignore it.

Eastenders spoilers11 of 17

Eastenders spoilers

Carmel makes a big decision about her future...

Eastenders spoilers12 of 17

Eastenders spoilers

Meanwhile, Keegan is furious when he sees someone has defaced Shakil's poster but is disappointed by Carmel's reaction when he pushes her to take action.

Eastenders spoilers13 of 17

Eastenders spoilers

Carmel later tells Denise at The Vic that she's worried about Keegan.

Eastenders spoilers14 of 17

Eastenders spoilers

When the Taylors arrive without him, Carmel senses something is wrong and rushes to find him.

Eastenders spoilers15 of 17

Eastenders spoilers

Billy & Honey bring the children over to Jack's for a Halloween party but when Adam arrives, Billy offers to watch the children alone, glad to get rid of Adam.

Eastenders spoilers16 of 17

Eastenders spoilers

After encouraging Martin to go out with Jay and Robbie, Ruby suggests a girl's night with Stacey at The Vic.

Eastenders spoilers17 of 17

Eastenders spoilers

Elsewhere, Billy decides to self-medicate his injured tooth with alcohol and painkillers.

Of course, Dean wouldn't budge over giving any more clues about the identity of the mystery returning character - but viewers will surely be hoping for the return of Dean's character Robbie's sister Bianca Jackson, played by Patsy Palmer.

This comes after the return of Dr Harold Legg, played by Leonard Fenton - one of the soap's original characters and a friend of Dot Cotton, played by June Brown.

Fans of the soap have also seen the return of Ruby Allen, played by Louisa Lytton, who came back to Albert Square after 12 years away to reunite with her friend Stacey Slater - but has seen her take on a troubling rape storyline.

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