Ed Westwick’s selling double-glazing with The Inbetweeners. Ideal.

Who knew double-glazing could be so damn sexy?

Ed Westwick

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We're not ashamed to admit we've been watching Gossip Girl on repeat from start to finish at various intervals for the last three years, roughly. One major reason is, of course, because of filthy rich, mega fitlord (also borderline creepy) Chuck Bass aka Ed Westwick.

We normally get to about Season 4 Episode 2 (during Chuck's identity crisis when he's gallivanting around pretending to be Henry Prince) and find ourselves wondering 'what on Earth is our pal Ed Westwick up to nowadays?'

Ed Westwick

WELL, finally we've got some answers.

Ed is about to star in a brand-new comedy series on BBC Two called White Gold, and this is what we know so far.

What is White Gold? And what's it all about?

Set in Essex in the 1980s, White Gold is a comedy following charismatic salesman Vincent Swan, played by Ed, as he leads a team of double-glazing salesman. According to a press release published when the show was commissioned, "it’s a story of dodgy shenanigans, scams and petty rivalries – alongside free-flowing drugs, cash and sex."

Sounds bloody ideal, we won't lie.

What's Ed Westwick's character in White Gold like?

Ed Westwick

Ed's character Vincent sounds like a bit of a top lad. He's described as "smart, handsome and cocksure" and "will happily break the rules if it guarantees a sale."

Ditching the American twang he mastered for Gossip Girl, Ed dons a rather charming Essex accent in White Gold. And, yep, it's sexy AF.

Who is starring in White Gold?

Joining Ed will be Joe Thomas and James Buckley who played Simon and Jay in The Inbetweeners and Lauren O’Rourke who's starred in Drifters and This is England 90.

The show has been written and directed by Inbetweeners writer Damon Beesley so we've got very high hopes.

Ed Westwick

Speaking about the new show ahead of filming back in August, Damon said: "I would like to thank the BBC and Shane Allen for giving us this glorious opportunity to recreate the Essex of my youth - a time before the invention of 'Essex girls' jokes, fake tan or TOWIE. A time when having double-glazed patio doors installed meant you were winning at life. It’s hugely exciting to work with such a talented, brilliant cast and quite frankly I can’t wait for shooting to start."

When can we watch White Gold?

BBC have yet to announce the exact date, but White Gold will be hitting our screens in May 2017. So, just around the corner really.

Watch the trailer for White Gold

If you can't wait until May for a glimpse of Ed in all is slick 80s Essex boy glory, here's the teaser trailer for White Gold.



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