Emma Willis let slip VERY rude word while doing a serious interview on This Morning

It was very awkward

emma willis

by Polly Foreman |
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Emma Willis had a bit of a shocker earlier today after accidentally saying a rude word while conducting a serious interview on This Morning

She and Rylan Clark-Neal were speaking to a father and sister of Louise Kay, whose disappearance in Eastbourne 1988 has been part of an ongoing murder investigation, and journalist Mark Williams-Thomas has been examining Louise’s diary in an attempt to uncover what happened.

emma willis

But during the interview Emma got tongue-tied, and accidentally let slip the word ‘arse’ into the interview.

She said: ‘And when you see what we’ve just seen about the case, that a person and car just disappears off the face of the arse.’

emma willis

Emma then corrected herself to say ‘earth’, but of course Twitter noticed the pretty massive blunder.

One person wrote: “Did she just say vanish off the face of the arse?? Ohhh my god!! #thismorning”


Anonther added: “How did Rylan keep a straight face?? ‘Face of the arse’ #ThisMorning”

A third chimed in with: “Poor Emma having an “arse” of a morning! Someone get her a drink too! #ThisMorning”.

But aside from that faux pas, Emma and Rylan have been smashing their hosting duties on This Morning this week (they’re standing in for Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield while they’re on holiday for Easter).

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