Emmerdale spoilers: Robert is left REELING as he confronts Lachlan

Robert could finally get some answers out of Lachlan after confronting him in prison...

Emmerdale spoilers

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We're not sure about you, but we're definitely on the edge of a breakdown watching the events surrounding Rebecca White and evil Lachlan White unfolding on Emmerdale. After a tense week desperately seeking information about Rebecca, Robert Sugden is left recovering from exhaustion. But it seems there's still troubled times ahead.

Paying a visit to Lachlan in a prison interview room Robert demands answers about Rebecca's whereabouts. But Lachlan just toys with Robert, revealing his plan to kill Robert and Liv Flaherty. But Robert is stunned when Lachlan reveals he didn’t kill Rebecca.

After leaving him horrified in the prison interview room, Lachlan calls Robert to tell him he left Rebecca with a nurse. Will Robert believe Lachlan? And now that viewers know Rebecca is alive, will Robert get to her in time?

Emmerdale spoilers: Monday 17 - Friday 24 September 2018


Emmerdale spoilers: Monday 17th - Friday 21 Sept

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This can't be good!

Still being held in the room, Rebecca is confused as it is clear the nurse has changed her stance on Lachlan, revealing to Rebecca she has seen he has been arrested. The nurse attempts to reassure, but Rebecca is alarmed when the nurse suddenly comes towards her with a syringe, and it looks like it's going to end badly….

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Robert faces Lachlan in prison

In the prison interview room Robert faces Lachlan and demands he reveal where Rebecca is. Lachlan toys with Robert who listens in horror as Lachlan explains his plot to kill him and Liv.

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Shock revelations

But Robert is stunned when Lachlan reveals he didn't kill Rebecca and so implores him to reveal where Rebecca is... After leaving the prison, Robert drives off in a hurry. He eventually breaks into the room where Rebecca was being held but is shocked to find the room is empty and horrified to see signs of a struggle.

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Jessie has something to confess

Marlon is taken aback by Ellis' attitude towards his mum and asks Jessie whether there is something going on with Ellis. Ellis meanwhile realises Jessie is keeping something BIG from Marlon.

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What's she up to?

Marlon returns and Jessie finally reveals the truth about her secret, which leaves Marlon is flabbergasted.

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Meanwhile, there's mistrust between Joe and Graham...

Joe instructs Graham to only speak to him about the business, determined to prove he's in control but Graham urges Joe to protect his interests and warns Joe to think of the consequences. The next day, Graham is relieved when Joe agrees to talk to Debbie about a prenup.

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Charity's not in a good way

Charity is not coping well and is pushing people away.

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Chaz tells a hungover Charity to pull her weight.

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Sound advice

Meanwhile, Faith urges her not to drive Vanessa away, and is taken aback by Charity's volatile state.

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Uh oh!

Ross is rattled as Gaz arrives with more drugs

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He buys more drugs

After buying drugs and another drug fuelled party. Ross struggles to cope with his comedown as he looks after Moses.

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:O :O :O

Out with Moses, Ross takes out a small bag of drugs and soon Ross is full of energy as he plays football with his son until he suddenly collapses.

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Ross falls to the ground in agony clutching his chest.

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Where's Moses?

Ross passes out and Moses heads off towards the bridge…

On other Emmerdale news, the knives are out for former star Roxanne Pallett following the row over former Coronation Street star Ryan Thomas 'punching' her during CBB.

More than 22 of her former co-stars have gone public condemning her, with some saying it's a pattern of events.

Adele Silva, who played Kelly Windsor in ITV's farm-based soap opera between 1993 and 2011, said that Roxanne's behavior “rang alarm bells” on the soap set. Blimey.

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