Ever wondered what Bambi would be like as a badass action film?

Watch this. Never think of Disney in the same way again.


by Jennifer Read-Dominguez |
Published on

Never quite got over the death of Bambi’s mum? Us neither. Well, this new spoof of the film sees Bambi and his gang take revenge on his mother's murderers. Justice at last!

With Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as the host, Saturday Night Live imagined what a live action remake of Bambi would look like from the director of Furious 7.

The remake stars your favorite Furious actors including The Rock as Bambi, Vin Diesel (Taran Killam) as Thumper, Tyrese Gibson (Jay Pharoah) as Flower, and Michelle Rodriguez (Cecily Strong) as Faline.

Watch the trailer here:

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