Ever wondered how much Joey Tribbiani ACTUALLY owes Chandler Bing? A Friends fan has worked it out

It's a good thing Chandler never made Joey pay him back


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Ah, Friends – what a great show! To this day it still cheers us up even though we’ve watched endless repeats and pretty much know every joke and every script from all the series off by heart.

We might be super-fans of the programme but even we haven’t sat down to pick each episode apart so we can work out every single detail. So, luckily, someone else has!

Remember when Joey Tribbiani and Chandler Bing fall out because Chandler falls asleep during the premiere of Joey’s movie?

Well, Joey tries to pay back Chandler everything he owes him before attempting to work it out and realises it’s just too much to repay.

But how much is too much?

A Friends fan wrote on Reddit: “In season 8 episode 22 of Friends, Joey is figuring out how much money he owes Chandler for rent, acting lessons, dance lessons, head shots etc.


“After seeing the final number, Joey forgives Chandler for falling asleep during his movie and calls it even. How much did Joey owe Chandler?”

Another serious devotee of the show replied with some figures, estimating that dancing and voice lessons, head shots, three years’ of rent, food and utilities costs around £70,635.

He goes on to work out that the time Chandler replaced all the stolen furniture in their apartment because he was feeling guilty about dating Joey’s ex Kathy takes it up to about £74,207.

A further £3,200 is added on for Joey’s hernia surgery, although this could be disputed because Joey did actually ended up getting medical help on his medical insurance which replaced his previous, expired policy.

That’s a total of £77,407!

It’s a good thing Joey shut Chandler up when he asked him how much he owed. Also, where did Chandler get all that spare cash?!

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