Someone is BOOTED OUT of Ex On The Beach tonight

But who? Find out.

Ex On The Beach

by Georgina Terry |
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Is it just us, or is this series of *Ex On The Beach *the tensest so far?

Guess there's a reason they brought back these particular "all stars"...

During tonight's show, one of them will be unceremoniously booted out - and the power is in Olivia Walsh's hands.


But who will she choose? Just to be clear, things are going to get well spoilers from now on.

SPOILER ONE: it's a male cast mate.

That much was possibly obvious. Stephen Bear booted out Chloe Goodman last week in a not-at-all-bitter strike following her spurning his advances. And then Jess Impiazzi chose to leave in a move that we are still not over, and the villa has been a bit cock-heavy since.

Olivia Walsh LS

SPOILER TWO: Olivia is given a choice between Ashley Cain of the teeny gold shorts and recipient of intense hatred from Gary Beadle, and Liam Lewis of… actually, what has Liam done this series? Made some bold boasts about getting banged by the girls that have come to nothing, and…? Sorry, we're drawing a blank.

So, who does Olivia choose to leave?

SPOILER THREE – THE BIG ONE: Olivia chooses Liam to leave, saying: "All he brought to the table was a million sit ups everyday."

Ex On The Beach

Not surprising, really. Olivia had a threesome with Ashley and Jemma Lucy as recently as last episode, and they haven't managed to fall out yet, which must be an Ex On The Beach first.

She also described him as her ideal man and said he gave her a "minge twinge" which is relationship goals right there.

Also in tonight's instalment, Jemma decks Holly Rickwood, and Lillie Lexie Gregg enters the show, telling the villa women that she thought she'd marry Gaz. Lol.

*Ex On The Beach continues tonight at 10pm on MTV. *

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