Ex On The Beach’s Jemma Lucy: ‘I slept with Scotty T out of spite’

Oh, Jemma love

Ex On The Beach

by Georgina Terry |
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Ex On The Beach this week made for uncomfortable viewing.

Not because our CBB bae Stephen Bear was turned down by both Kayleigh Morris and Chloe Goodman – although that was part of it.

But what really made our stomachs churn was Jemma Lucy when her ex David Hawley rocked up on the beach, declaring: "I hope you're ready for me to make a mug of you, like."

Jemma was clearly DEVVO and broke down wailing, showing a side to her we're not sure we've seen before.


And not only did Jemma's ex find out that she had [sex with Gary Beadle on the first night](planetradio.co.uk/heat/celebrity/news/ex-beach-watch-gaz-beadle-david-hawley-fight-charlotte-crosby/

), he also discovered that she'd banged his best pal, Scotty T.

Scotty T

And now Jemma's admitted that she did it purely to get back at him. Ouch.

Speaking behind-the-scenes in MTV's Shack Of Secrets, Jemma said: "I'm having to confess to Hawley, the person that I love and consider getting back with, that I slept with his best mate.

"The me and Scott thing is something that happened a while ago, when I was so angry at Hawley for leaving me, so I did do it out of spite.

"But since I stopped caring about that situation, I really regret it."

Did Hawley shrug it off? Not really.

"I'm gutted, I class him as one of me best mates," he said. Suggesting to us that he needs some better mates, frankly.

"It's not what she's done, I feel like I've been stabbed in the back by one of my best pals," he continued, showing a refreshing attitude to not blaming the woman.

Ex On The Beach

[Dan Edgar, Jon Clark and James 'Arg' Argent] from TOWIE(planetradio.co.uk/heat/entertainment/tv-movies/towie-jon-clark-kate-wright-diags-fight/) should take especial note of that.

But did Jemma sleep with Gaz out of spite too? She certainly wasn't pleased when she thought Charlotte Crosby had "stolen" Hawley from her (despite strong assurances to the contrary from Team Char).

Ex On The Beach continues on Tuesday at 10pm on MTV.

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