How to follow the Ex On The Beach cast on Snapchat

Ex On The Beach

by Beth Hughes |
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Snapchat is totally where it’s at at the moment, and guess where else it’s at… the Ex On The Beach Island. Combine the two and we’ve got some serious entertainment.

If you can’t handle waiting for Tuesday to come back around each week (neither can we), add the gang on Snapchat and get the low down from each episode as it airs, not to mention all of the gossip in between!

Here’s who you need to add and why!

Harriette Harper Snapchat username


The gorgeous 25-year-old Essex girl will be sure to have us glued to our phones. She’s already became a heartthrob to the guys on the Island and has even found herself in a love triangle with Ross Warwick and her ex, Josh!

Ross Worswick Snapchat username


You may already recognise him from the first series of Ex On The Beach, so if you haven’t already get adding the gawj 27-year-old from Manchester!

Sean Ex On The Beach Snapchat

Alex Leslie Snapchat username


If you weren’t sick of the tears before poor Alex was booted from the Island, then you can see more of 25-year-old Londoner Alex on Snapchat where he won’t be crying (hopefully).

Sean Pratt Snapchat username


The super fit 26-year-old from Coventry could snap just about anything and we’ll be happy forever (especially if it’s of all those tats).

Sean Ex On The Beach Snapchat

Maisie Gillespie Snapchat username


If you haven’t yet heard of Maisie, Aaron Chalmers' ‘ex’ who he didn’t quite remember (awks), you can add the 20-year-old from Cardiff to find out a little more about her!

Sean Ex On The Beach Snapchat

Josh Ritchie Snapchat username


You may already recognise Josh, the 22-year-old from Bolton, from the first series of Love Island. But he’s now back on our screens (thank God) and he’s also on snapchat so you can see even more of quite possibly the cheekiest lad in there!

ZaraLena Jackson Snapchat username


If you’ve taken as much of a liking to 24-year-old ZaraLena from Preston as Aaron has we’ve got you covered, get adding!

Aaron Chalmers Snapchat username


If you haven’t already got Geordie Shore fittie on Snapchat, what are you waiting for? You’re missing out on a whole load of selfies, tattoo’s and typical Geordie chatter.

Sean Ex On The Beach Snapchat

Nicole Bass Snapchat username


And finally, the beautiful 25-year-old from London, expect selfie galore (and who blames her?)

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