Is ex-TOWIE’s Lauren Goodger off to LA after THAT bum-pinching palaver?

Byeeeeeee, Lauren!

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It seems that Lauren Goodger has not only had enough of Essex, but the whole of the UK too.

As if she didn’t need any more drama, former TOWIE star Lauren has made the decision to move to LA, the land of paparazzi, nightlife, plastic surgery and, er, her bum rival Carmen Ortega.

She’ll be jetting off this week, after writing in her magazine column: "I've wanted to move away from Essex for a while because I'm sick of all the drama, so I'm excited to say I'm moving to Los Angeles!”

It comes a few weeks after THAT Instagram kerfuffle in which she posted a picture of a bum that wasn't actually hers.

It turned out Lauren had taken a snap uploaded by American model Carmen Ortega and put a different filter over it, prompting accusations she was trying to pass off said butt as her own.

Carmen then threatened her with court action over her bot-pinching antics and Lauren responded by saying: "Oh please, love! I didn't even know who she was until my friend![] found the photo. She certainly seems to be loving all the attention she's getting from this."

So how's she going to get on over in La-La-Land? Well, she'll be living with her two personal trainers and is planning to stay for three months.

But that's still too long for her BFF and fellow ex-TOWIE star Cara Kilbey, who tweeted that she was sad Lauren was moving:

Hey Lauren - how about The Only Way is LA for the next TV series? We think it would make good telly...

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