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Fame Academy

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Can we just discuss for a minute noughties BBC telly talent show Fame Academy? Remember, the one that was sort of like Love Island in the respect that loads of people were chucked in a pad together but with more in the way of musicality and less of the mugging off? IT WAS SO GREAT.

And, if you're anything like us, you may well be wondering what the hell happened to all the wannabe popstar-types once they left. Like, what's Alex Parks up to? Where on Earth's David Sneddon? Is that James Fox fella still a, well, fox?

Well, we have answers, people.

Check out where your Fame Academy faves are now...


Fame Academy: Where are they now?

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David Sneddon (series 1) then

David won the first series in 2002 and released the absolute bop that was Stop Living the Lie. He looked really pensive on piano in the video, remember?

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David Sneddon now

His album Seven Years - Ten Weeks peaked at number 5 in the UK (not bad) and he's now part of songwriting team The Nexus. They even wrote National Anthem for Lana Del Rey, which is pretty bloody impressive. He also co-wrote the song Lost on You for Lewis Capaldi's debut EP Bloom.

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Sinéad Quinn (series 1) then

Sinéad came second to David in series 1 and if you don't remember her debut single, I Can't Break Down, you might wanna revisit it. TUNE.

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Sinéad Quinn (series 1) now

Sinéad's since married Paul Stewart - the drummer from The Feeling - and tours with her band Sinéad and The Dawnbreakers. She's also had THREE babies and spends her days looking after them and writing songs. Dreamy.

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Lemar (series 1) then

Lemar might not have won his series, but he's arguably one of the show's most successful stars.

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Lemar (series 1) now

Not only did Lemar compete in Dancing on Ice in 2017; but he's also got two BRIT Awards, three MOBOs and a string of hit singles to his name. Our personal faves being 50/50 and If There's Any Justice.

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Ainslie Henderson (series 1) then

Four words: Keep Me a Secret. Google it. It's potentially the best song ever to have come out of Fame Academy.

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Ainslie Henderson (series 1) now

Ainslie's now an animator and won an actual, real-life BAFTA for his work on The Making of Longbird. Blimey.

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Carolynne Good (series 2) then

You might remember Carolynne from her fling (well, quick snog) with fellow contestant Peter Brame. Her voice was also dreamy.

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Carolynne Poole now

Carolynne (now Carolynne Poole) has been bloody everywhere since she left Fame Academy in '03. She's auditioned for The X Factor twice - making it to judges' houses and live shows - and still releases country music.

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James Fox (series 2) then

Y'know? The Welsh chap? Very aesthetically-pleasing?

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James Fox now

James represented the UK in the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest (he came 16th of 24) and is still recording music today. He even wrote and recorded the Cardiff City F.C. FA Cup Final song, "Bluebirds Flying High".

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Alex Parks (series 2) then

Cornish Alex won series 2 of the show with her amazing original track Maybe That's What It Takes.

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Alex Parks (series 2)

Since the show she's fallen off the face of the planet. The star - who apparently now goes by the name Lexi Parks - released her second album Honesty in 2005 and rumour has it she was last spotted at the Music Sales Film & TV Songwriters Week with none other than The X Factor's Joe McElderry. Hmm.

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Alistair Griffin (series 2) then

Alistair was series 2's runner-up and released that Bring It On song. Again, you might wanna give it a Google.

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Alistair Griffin now

Oh, he's very much still about and released his third album back in 2015.

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Louise Griffiths (series 2) then

Louise was already dating F1 fella Jenson Button when she entered Fame Academy.

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Louise Griffiths now

After being linked to Simon Cowell (you what?), Louise has since moved to LA to pursue an acting career. She's doing pretty well for herself, too.

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Malachi Cush (series 1) then

Malachi was series 1's Northern Irish charmer.

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Malachi Cush now

Since the show, Malachi's bagged himself number ones in Thailand and the American New Christian Music chart. He currently works for UTV Belfast presenting The Seven Thirty Show.

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Although it only lasted two seasons, Fame Academy really made a splash in the talent show world. We still can't believe the MASSIVE prize.

The winner would get a £1 million recording contract (!), a London apartment (!) and a sports car (!) for one year. X Factors measly recording contract doesn't touch the sides, tbh.

The focus on songwriting made this show quite different to similar talent shows like Pop Idol, and brought us bangers like "Stop Living The Lie" and "Bring It On". Oh, to be back in 2002.

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