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Fandoms aren't renowned for their rationality – but going into meltdown because one of their idols slightly altered their social media handle does seem a little excessive.

We'd perhaps understand (and be part of) an uproar if Liam Payne had changed his name by deed poll to "die, One Direction, DIE," but he has literally just gone from @Real_Liam_Payne on Twitter and "FakeLiamPayne on Instagram to just LiamPayne on both.

One Direction Perfect video Liam Payne

And Directioners had an absolute meltdown.

Some were just super sad by the change. "Liam changing is @ on Twitter and Insta made me really sad like I know he needs it for his solo work but real_liam_payne/fakeliampayne :((."


This is the world we live in.

A few went beyond sad and just got downright MAD. One wrote: "What the f*ck are you doing first a solo deal now changing usernames can you stop for a second because this is too much to handle.”

"Wow I can't believe you've changed," wrote another.

Perhaps our favourite of all is: "It's crazy how a simple username can make you emotional. Physically fine, emotionally bruised. My emotions are shook."

We literally cannot cope.

As one very poetic fan page wrote: "There's no more Fake Liam Payne. There's no more Real Liam Payne. There's just Liam Payne."



This absolute RAGE at Liam probably stems from his announcement last month that he was goin' solo (with Simon Cowell's RIVAL label, can we say)

Simon Cowell Dermot O'Leary

Fans everywhere (ourselves included, NGL) were EXTREMELY CONCERERNED – what about One Direction?

He took to Twitter to break the crushing news, saying: "Happy to have signed to @CapitolUK. They have an amazing history of artists. I hope I can follow in their footsteps."

He then said: "One Direction will always be my home and family but I'm very excited to see what this chapter brings." Which felt ominously like a subtle farewell to us…

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