Is this the FINAL PROOF needed that Honey G is fake?

Honey G

by Owen Tonks |
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Poor ol’ Honey G - she’s not even on The X Factor anymore but people are still accusing her of being fake.

And the latest trickery claim involving the aspiring rapper includes her family.

Some people claim the people who appeared to be her family in the audience were not actually related to her at all but were impersonators.

Honey found herself in the bottom two against boyband 5 After Midnight during Sunday night’s live results show.

When acts compete in the sing-off their friends and family can usually be seen supporting them in the audience.

During this weekend’s episode of the ITV talent contest, her mother could be seen dancing along in the audience wearing a baseball cap that matched her daughter’s.

There were other people alongside her wearing similar hats and ‘Honey G’ T-shirts but it seems the others weren’t quite as enthusiastic.

Honey G

While the judge made their choice of who to send home, it is claimed her apparent friends and family "just sat there silently".

A source told the Daily Mirror: "I was watching them with a friend and we thought they seemed so fake.

"Everyone thinks Honey G is fake, and it was like she’d hired these random people to sit in the audience and pretend to know her."

This series has been marred by controversy since the beginning of the live shows.

Former contestant James Hughes had his song changed on the day of his performance which left him unprepared before he was kicked off the series that weekend.

And Honey also found herself in shock when she was joined on-stage at the weekend by internet pranksters Troll Station who invaded her live performance on Saturday night.

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