We FINALLY know how much the Big Brother house is worth

Just in case anyone's in the market for a buyin'

CBB house

by Polly Foreman |
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If you're currently house hunting in the Borehamwood area (which you should definitely consider – you CANNOT beat those transport links), then you might be interested to learn that the town's most famous house has been valued.

Obviously it's not actually on the market – we're sure a whole lot more Stephen Bear-esque dramz can be squeezed out the Big Brother stone – but it's nice to know, you know?

It's been estimated that the house is worth almost £5 MILLION (£4,896,425), which, considering the state of the market, its VERY ENVIABLE location, and how many celebs have laid their golden heads in its beds, ain't half bad.

CBB house

It was Urban.co.uk who carried out the evaluation, and it's co-founder Adam Male said: "It is impossible to compare a reality TV set to a home, but if the Big Brother House were a residential property it really would represent the dream for many UK house hunters!"

"Whilst it is top end and way above the national average, should a property like the Big Brother House come to the open market, it would be snapped up - especially if it came complete with a full set of celebrity guests!" he told The Sun.

Bizarrely, ex page three girl and self-proclaimed national treasure Sam Fox is the only one of this year's clan who could afford to buy it apparently (in theory, obv).

Maybe she charges by the penny for ALL THOSE AUTOGRAPHS she signs.

Despite the house's extremely desirable assets, we're guessing that a few of its inhabitants are veeeery excited to leave after the final tonight.

This week (and basically the whole of the series, let's be real), things have KICKED OFF between Aubrey O'Day, Renee Graziano and Stephen Bear.

To cut a long story short, they hid his mask, he got sad, he made them a weird heart shaped breakfast, they threw it away, Renee called Bear "cancer", and he got sad again.

We're pretty much ready for this series to end, TBH, our nerves can't take much more.

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