Find out who Matt Richardson wants to kiss under the mistletoe…

And find out what he’d buy Sharon Osbourne...

by Laurence Mozafari |
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Matt Richardson, eh? What a lovely fella. Look at his little face. We bet he’s just FULL of Christmas glee right about now, unless you’re reading this at any other time that isn’t actual Christmas or in the lead up to Christmas - i.e. 1 November onwards.

In which case, he might not be full of Christmas glee, he might just be full of Nandos or maybe a spot of wind, following a lively tikka masala and a few too many alcopops in his local branch of Liquid. Maybe he’s not full of any of those things, because Matt Richardson doesn’t look like the sort of fella who frequents the sticky bowels of Liquid on a rainy Friday night in March.

Anyway, we did a lovely festive interview with Mr. Matt Richardson last year and we’d thought we’d dig it out, just ‘cos. Watch the video above and enjoy all of the lovely Christmassy festiveness.

Merry Christmas, y’all

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