First Dates hunk Sam Reece tells heat about finding love and what really happened with Vicky Pattison.

In tonight’s episode of First Dates you’ll meet Sam Reece and heat can confirm – he is hot.

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Sam, who works as a model, decided to go onto First Dates to see if he could find the right woman. But why, when you’ve got the looks of a god, would Sam need to go onto a dating show to find love? Surely women are falling at his feet? Sadly, it turns out that’s not true and Sam’s now been single for six months.

“I had a girlfriend but we took a break because it wasn’t working,” Sam exclusively told heat. “I’m constantly travelling the country and constantly working. I’m living out of hotels every other week so it came to an end.”

So is Sam actually any good at dates?

“I was sh*tting myself beforehand,” Sam admits. “I thought I’d go on and try my luck but I’d never been on a blind date before. I had some drinks to loosen up. I’ve got no chat up lines at all so I had to try and make her laugh. She was a lovely girl and we got on well…”

Sadly we’ll have to wait and see whether Sam is single or not at the end of tonight’s episode but, if we are still in with a chance later on tonight, Sam told us exactly what he’s looking for in a girl.

“I like girls to be outgoing and up for a laugh. If they know why what they want in life and have goals, then they’re 10 out of 10 in my book. I’d be turned off by someone who talks about themselves 24/7.

Naked Sam...need we say more?
Naked Sam...need we say more?

“I like to think I’m a gent. I’d go out for a meal and drinks on a first date then for next one I’d want us to do something adventurous and exciting, like something crazy!”

We also made sure we grilled Sam about the rumours he was dating former Geordie Shore Star Vicky Pattison. In February the pair were pictured out in Newcastle and everyone thought there was a new romance on the cards…

“I was out with my mates in Bijoux and Vicky started talking to us. She told us she was heading to another nightclub and it turned out we had tables next to each other in the VIP section.” Fancy. “When we left Bijoux, we walked out and my mates were on my left hand side and her mates were on my right hand side but the paparazzi cleverly cut the picture and you can’t see our mates in it so that’s why it looks like it. The next day, everyone though we were together. I promise, I’ve never dated her.”

That’s all cleared up then, thanks Sam! To see more of hot Sam and to find out whether he’s still single, catch First Dates tonight (1 April) at 10pm on Channel 4.

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