Fleur East apologises to Mark Ronson after singing his song on X Factor before its release date!

…oh and topping the iTunes chart with HER version!


by Heat |

X Factor contestant Fleur East, who is in the show’s final this weekend, has apologised to producer Mark Ronson after she performed one of his songs before it was due for release.

The release date for Mark’s single Uptown Funk was brought forward by five weeks because Fleur’s version topped the iTunes chart WITHIN HOURS.


The 26-year-old, who sang the song in the semi-final last Saturday, told Radio 1: “Yeah, I'm really sorry, but all I can say is it's props to all their creative hard work because it's an amazing song.

“I don't know what they were thinking in their minds. I don't think anyone expected my performance to be as popular as it was. We didn't expect it to go to number one on iTunes. That's crazy like.”

The ITV show finalist continued: “I think straight away they were like, 'Oh wow, what's happened here?' So they had to speed up the release date."

Bruno Mars and his band The Smeezingtons also feature on the track which is reportedly second favourite to win this year's Christmas number one.

What happened on Saturday night caused a bit of an uproar amongst the music world folk, especially considering Mark's track is to be released by Syco parent company, Sony Music.

Lily Allen voiced her opinion and posted on Twitter: “It is an amazing song and Fleur did it justice but it's still a great example of music industry corruption.”

Thanks to The X Factor, Mark’s version, which will be included on his fourth album Uptown Special, could have boosted where it will end up in the nationwide chart spot.

A William Hill spokesman told the Daily Mail: "Fleur's X Factor performance has pushed this song to the forefront of everyone's mind and there is a very real chance that this song could muscle into the race for Christmas number one.”

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