A new Friends MUSICAL is on its way!

Could we BE any more excited?

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We can't really imagine a weekend without being enveloped in our huge squishy duvets watching about 52095029 episodes of Friends on repeat. What else could we possibly do with our (probably hungover) Sundays, except pine for the much simpler times of the late nineties/ early noughties?


We like to think that the Friends cast are all still really, really good mates and all hang out at a quirky coffee shop and chat about their lives and kids, reminiscing over the old days.

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Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe in Friends ©Getty Images

But, realistically, Joey and Chandler weren't even invited to Rachel's IRL wedding so we should probably all move on and get on with our own lives.

Before we do though, we're definitely going to have to fly out to New York to catch the brand-new Friends musical hitting the stage over in the big apple.


OK, so it's technically an unofficial musical called Friends! The Musical Parody, and has not been endorsed by the creators of the show. BUT STILL.

The show's been written by Bob and Toby McSmith, who have created Saved By The Bell, Kardashians and 90210 parody musicals in the past, so we've got high hopes.

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It will reportedly feature all the main characters, as well as songs called The One Where We Make A Million Dollars An Episode, The Only Coffee Shop in New York, Oh. My God. It's Janice!, We Were On A Break, We'll Always Be There For You and How You Doing, Ladies?, referencing a load of our favourite episodes.

We're currently looking up flights to NYC as we speak.

For more info and ticket notices visit the show's website here.


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