Gabby was v emosh in last night’s Love Island and the Internet had mixed reactions

DW hun, we would want to be picked too.


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As two new boys took a refreshing combination of Amber and Tyla, Tyla and Amber, OH and Olivia and Camilla for a very small glass of red wine on last night’s Love Island, the boys were left upset about the prospect of their ladiez being stolen by the newbies.

To many viewer’s surprise, they weren’t the only islanders upset at the girls being taken on dates.

Gabby Allen was left in tears as the other girls got texts inviting them on a date and she received nothing, saying she felt ugly and inadequate compared to the others.

Gabz! Don’t be so hard on yourself!

She also confessed that she wants to get a boob job and hair extensions upon leaving the villa.

We think she’s flawlezz just the way she is, and let’s not forget she’s a personal trainer ffs.

She divided viewer’s opinions, with many left wondering how she could get so upset about a lack of male attention when her and Marcel seem to be the happiest couple in the competition.

She told Marcel that: “I never get picked to go on any dates but I’m so happy that no one picks me to go on dates because they know me and you are that strong.

“It’s not that I want anyone to try and come between us because it would never happen, it’s just for my own selfish insecurities… I’m sorry.”


Marcel who was voted favourite guy islander by the public, was quick to point out that when he first entered the villa, not a single girl stepped forward to choose him.

And what fools they were.

Last year’s contestants were quick to take to Twitter, mostly to Gabby’s defence.

Cara De La Hoyde understood how she was feeling, having been in a relationship with Nathan Massey from day one in the villa.

Alex Bowen followed in Cara’s line of thought and, like a lot of people, is championing the couple.

Olivia Buckland got a little more philosophical about the whole situation.

However,Nathan Massey wasn’t feeling so sympathetic.

You can never win them all.

Tbf, we can imagine it being a pretty high pressured situation in there and it must feel bad to have your confidence knocked.

But, like Marcel, we think that the boys avoided her because the whole world knows they’re the true #couplegoals of the whole series.

Or, as this Twitter user put it.

Nicely put.


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