Gary Beadle drops the C-bomb on Marnie Simpson over CBB antics


Gary Beadle

by Polly Foreman |
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On the list of people we kinda think are idiots RN, Gary Beadle doesn't rank particularly low. So we were surprised to see that he's called his Geordie Shore co-star Marnie Simpson one. Except he was far ruder than us, because: Gaz.

Pot kettle black, Gazza?

Writing in his Daily Star column about Celebrity Big Brother, he criticised its line up and labelled it a "let down"

Maybe a little bitter you've possibly never been asked to appear on it, hmm?

Discussing the Lewis Bloor / Marnie Simpson romance, he said: "Now he's crying because Bear necked on with Marnie, unlucky son, have you not watched Geordie Shore? Our Marnie doesn't move slowly."

Marnie Simpson Lewis Bloor
©Channel 5

Does anyone else not remember Lewis crying?

After being a bit bloody rude about the vast majority of the housemates, Gaz pens: "Finally, our Marnie.

"Bit shocked, she has been inseparable from Aaron for the last few weeks so it's a bit of a c*nt to be trying it on with two lads in less than a week.

Marnie Simpson Lewis Bloor
©Channel 5

Errr… Gaz, didn't Aaron tweet that they were both single and that she should "crack on"?

Gaz concluded his rant with: "F*ck me, she better not crack on with Heavy D."

Heavy D
©Channel 5

We athink Heavy D is kinda a bit of a dick after his behaviour toward Chloe Khan in the last few days (HE MADE HER WASH HIS DIRTY PANTS), but a relationship between him and Marnie would be a hell of a lot more interesting than that snoozefest of a romance between her and Lewis.

The new couple have been branded a "showmance" by members of the public and, given that they are represented by the same management and they got it on within about eight minutes of stepping into the house, we're inclined to agree.

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