Gary Beadle finally admits he DID cheat on Lillie Lexie Gregg during their relationship

It's all coming out on *Ex On The Beach* - and Gaz might finally be facing up to his mistakes

Ex On The Beach 5 Gary and Lillie

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Gary Beadle, 99% penis with a permanently angry northern man attached to it, is about to come face-to-face with his past in the next episode of Ex On The Beach.

In sneak peeks of next week's episode, we see Gaz actually shit himself when the latest ex is revealed to the villa.

Australian Chrysten Zenoni, who came to know Gary in the biblical sense during his many tours Down Under, brings a whole new wave of tears for Gaz's ex Lillie Lexie Gregg

"I got with her say two, two-and-a-half years ago," he tells Lillie ahead of Chrysten's arrival.

"Did you see her while we were in Australia together?" she asks innocently, her big doe eyes literally half a second from filling with salty water.

Gaz already knows the answer, but he makes a good show of covering it up.

"No, I didn't get with her when you were there."

Famous last words, Monsieur Beadle.

Ex On The Beach 5 Gary and Lillie

"OK, so you never spoke to her when we were together, so she's not going to tell me anything? It shouldn't be a hard thing because you either cheated on me or you didn't," Lillie throws back.

Gary then gets all pissy and fumbles his rice all over the table – a sure sign of a bloke with a guilty conscience – then even blames Lillie for "whinging".

"I didn't cheat on you with her," he adds, and then you can see the blinking realisation dawn in his eyes that he's just royally f*cked it.

"Just prepare because the truth always comes out in the end," states Bear, wisely.

Ex On The Beach 5 Gary and Lillie

Later, Bear decides to give the pot a big old stir by interrogating Chrysten about exactly when she first experienced Gary's parsnip.

And yes, turns out it was when he was very much in a serious relationship with Lillie.

Lillie, obviously, bursts into tears and has to leave the room.

"I admit it, I got with Chrysten every time I went to Australia, and I was going to say anyway so…" Gary confesses, weakly.

"I'm gobsmacked, I'm thrown," heaves Lillie. "I'm so embarrassed. I was there in Australia with him."

Shocked by the escalation of emotion, Gary tries to explain to the rest of the group that Chrysten shouldn't be blamed for him putting his penis in her. Like that was ever going to be an option.

"I'm in the wrong here, I'm the one that's cheated, it's nothing to do with [Chrysten]. It's the person that does it who gets the blame," he says.


But just as we thought Gaz might have taken a modicum of responsibility for his actions, he tells the camera: "This is nothing to do with Chrysten so I hope everyone makes her feel welcome. It's going to be hard though if we want to crack on, because we've got to live with Lillie."

Oh, sweet Jesus.

Later still, Gary and Lillie have yet another heart-to-heart, and a broken Lillie finally works out that Gaz was not a good boyfriend.

"Sorry," he whispers.

"You're a horrible person," Lillie chokes out, while actually sobbing. "And one day you need to wake up to that and realise that you are a horrible person. This is seriously real now Gary, it's never felt so hard.

Ex On The Beach 5 Gary and Lillie

"Don't take someone's kindness for weakness. Don't take advantage of someone when they trust you. Shit."

Catch the full emotional story on Ex On The Beach, Tuesdays at 10pm on MTV.

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